HERE COMES TROUBLE. He wants her back and she wants a piece of him. Not the good kind.

Say 'Hello' to Stephen McLemore.
Cocky as hell?
And a cowboy?
Check all those boxes.

New Cover. Updated with missing scenes and complete edit.

This dirty-talkin’ cowboy will melt your heart.

He was Gillian’s first kiss. Her first crush. At sixteen, she fell hard.

Back then Stephen was in college, racing motocross, and her parents had just died. Gillian was his friend’s sister, hurting…. and he wanted her like no other. Rather than ruin the girl, Stephen waited for her to become a woman, then he’d bring her to his bed.

Only problem, Gillian is all grown up and fightin’ mad. After walking away from love, Stephen McLemore turned into the town Harley riding manwhore. When their paths cross, instead of welcoming him back into her life with open arms, she slugs him.

Well, where there’s smoke, there’s a fire.

Guess McLemore forgot. With a smart-mouth and a quick temper, Gillian isn’t a pushover. A talented dancer, she’s set to star on a reality dance show out in L.A.

Now it’s her turn to do the ‘up and leavin.’ Isn’t it?

As secrets come to light, Gillian’s forced to decide between fame and the only man she’s ever loved.

Difficult ‘cause he’s a Harley riding rancher with all the right moves.

Jason Aldean - Burnin' It Down

Hell yeah!


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