R U a Rule Breaker? ROCK INTO ME contest & sizzling blog hop.

Yep, it's the good ole 4th and we're all looking forward to fireworks tonight.

Well, before it starts to get dark, you can get a sampling of sparks flying with this little firecracker romance, ROCK INTO ME.

Straight from the Rule Breaker series staring Alana St. James with all her naughtiness and she's about to careen into a man, she doesn't even realize holds her future in his two gorgeous hands.

A favor was called in by his partner has J.P. Lansing saddled with a client who needs a keeper as much as she needs a producer.

When Alana and Lansing meet it's more akin to a train-wreck and TNT detonating all at once. With sex-that-can't-wait, these two don't know if they should smack one another or tear each other's clothes off.

ROCK INTO ME, is a novella - a tasty tease to whet your appetite for the Rule Breaker series. Book 2, Crash and Burn is due out in August 2013 with more of the band and a slathering of eyeball scorching exploits of Alana and Lansing when they're not ready to tear each other apart. Mmm. That's not true. There's plenty of angry-crazy-hot sex in that book as well.

Sexy Tease- Smexy Snipper Flipper

The smell of her fragrance, the sound of her words, and the way she bit her lip after her tirade irked every cell in his body. In vain he inhaled, only to get another lungful of her seductive scent. He tightened his jaw, fully intending on holding up his palm to ward her off, when his fingers grazed her luscious tit. Firm, and from his earlier experience, perfectly suited to his palms.

He might have had a chance in hell if she’d not pushed her tits fully into his fingers, egging him on. He slanted his gaze over to her, praying he’d find an expression of shocked outrage. He could take her bitch banter to keep the distance between them more easily than her wide-eyed stare. That’s not what he got.

“You’re just going to huff and puff all night?” Alana’s whispered query was every bit as seductive as she’d been on stage, in the alley, and lying on the backseat of his privately-driven car.

Well, fuck. His cock throbbed, ready to explode. Her lips were slightly parted. Those wide green eyes didn’t look contemptuous, they looked downright appealing, even if she narrowed them like a seriously pissed-off cat.

He reached for her body, taking hold of her and pressing his mouth to her warm lips. He fully gave in to the need to press his erection into her belly and pulled her against him, biting down on her plump bottom lip as she molded to him. The feel of her tongue tracing his lips had him groaning sounds into her mouth. She pushed him back into the wall of the elevator, and he had no intention of fighting her persistent fingers on his zipper. The red “Stop” on the lift panel caught his eye, and he flipped the switch.

He pulled up her dress, running his fingers across her panties, surprised that she still had them on. He’d fucked her the last time by pushing them to the side. This time his patience had worn thin; he grabbed the flimsy material and in one swift tug he stripped them from her slender hips in a fast rip. Damn. The feel of her hand on his cock, tugging roughly, was about to take him to his knees. He swallowed hard. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

“I don’t have a condom on me.”

“So much for being prepared. No worries. I’m on the pill. I know where I’ve been. You, on the other hand, seem like an easy lay.”

“Didn’t you just join me in the back of my car after we’d known each other for an hour…give or take? And now, in an elevator. Sounds like the pot calling the kettle into question.”
      “Hush. You’re talking way too much."

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