A whole month of paranormal stories.
What could be better as we rock into October?
There's plenty going on here, let me tell you.

A release is coming up. BLOOD BROTHERS on Friday. Wolf shifters. A vampire. And crime running rampant in Denver. Rocky Mountain Shifters (RMS) #2.

Later this month, RMS #3 is releasing, a wolf and witch romance featuring Sherry Delacroix and Quinn Rothschild. Very mysterious. Yeah...

So, what's going here on this leg of the Something Wicked Returns?

Well, here I'm doing a giveaway of $5.00 Amazon GC and a copy of Collared for a Night, RMS #1 if can tell me who you'd pick to play Santo, the vampire or Fin. I'm doing a post on Fin on my blog, but who would you pick for the other two dudes. Together these are the enforcers for Shawn Barclay, owner of the Downtown Den. They are Glock carrying shifters.

Drawing will be Saturday for this part of the Hop. Then I'll post another blog post and giveaway, so come on back to see what's up next.

In Blood Brothers, there are two wolf shifters. Fin and Tristen.
Enforcers. Beta Wolves. IRRESISTIBLE!
Hard to choose between them. But for this leg, let's do Fin.
Here's my Fin. Jason Momoa, oh my!
Or how about this version, cause Fin is a yoga teaching hawt-E type of beta shifter.
Ex-military. Marine. Field Medic.
Now, it's on you.
Tell me, who you would have play the part of Tristen Morrison, ex-military enforcer.
Santo Camio. Vampire. Ex-military. Skin walker.
The drawing will be random (via so I'll need your email address in your comment.

My recommendation for the holidays!

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