A new erotic Western, The Cowboy Rode a Harley just released by Susan Arden

Waking up cuffed to a headboard in an unfamiliar room, Stephen swears that drinking and womanizing have got to stop. Until a tempting redhead on the other side of the bed catches his attention.

Gillian can’t believe her eyes. A naked man is in her bedroom. Worse, he’s her brother’s friend, Stephen McLemore best known for his wicked reputation in several counties. With his hard-muscled body and irresistible grin, Gillian’s defenses falter. Holy smoke, all of sudden they're face-to-face and the sparks fly in one unguarded kiss. Their molten connection heats up fast when at every turn, they’re tripping over each other in town.

Things go from crazy-hot to surreal in a heartbeat once Hollywood producers pick Gillian for their dance reality television show. Refusing to let another man step into his space, Stephen volunteers to be her partner.

In short order, these two lovers realize there’s more to their sleepy town than they’d ever imagined possible. In his moment of gallant behavior, Stephen  risks losing the only woman he’s let get under his skin.

Amidst chaos and the tugging on her heartstrings, Gillian must decide if fame is what she’s dreamed of when a Harley riding rancher has all the right moves.

Warning: Dance teacher hottie and cowboy connect, creating nuclear explosive romance. Handcuffs, spanking, and dancing fill this Western love story.


Nimbly, he inserted and turned the key, and then caught the cuff as it fell from his wrist. Only then did he realize how tight the handcuff had been. Stephen rubbed the numbness from his arm and hand while he stood and looked around for his clothing. Following a trail of shoes, he strode to the other side of the bed.
A sharp gasp rose from the mattress. The splitting of his head increased remarkably. He gripped the brass bedpost and couldn’t keep his eyes from widening. Stephen’s spine snapped straight. “Gillian, what the heck are you doing here?”
For crying out loud—the redhead was Haden’s baby sister. Now, this whole event took on all sorts of crazy undertones. His old friend’s younger sister watched him with eyes that stared, not at his face, but below. Far below his gaze and, from what he could tell, she continued to stare at his groin. Color stained her face, making her green eyes glimmer. His cock was rock hard and stood straight out from his body. He could hang his shirt from the lead-pipe-appendage his dick had become. No use trying to cover himself—the damage was done.
But Christ, she didn’t say a word, and at the same time refused to look away. He had to do something other than bolt.
“Cat’s got your tongue,” Stephen said, then turned, reaching for his clothes.
She still hadn’t said a word. Her silence spread out in the space around him, twisting in his gut. He shook his head. Nothing to do but get dressed. And as quickly as he could under her scrutiny.
Stephen glanced over his shoulder, praying she’d have her eyes closed. Nope. Emerald green shards of glass stared back. She followed his every movement, even though her gaze kept flitting back below his waist.
He said the first thing that came to mind. “You should stop watching me and have a measure of decency.”
Gillian snapped her arms across her chest. Right. That got her attention. The shit was about to hit the fan—full blast.
“Excuse me,” she hissed, and sat straight up. “Decency. That’s rich coming from you, Stephen McLemore. Don’t use big words that you’ll trip over.” Gillian pressed her arms tighter over her chest, pushing her taut, firm breasts upward, and the sheet fell away from her legs.
             He’d been wrong. She wasn’t wearing shorts, but some type of hip-hugging underpants. Christ, it took his eyes forever to make it up her gorgeous legs. He enjoyed the journey, returning down her shapely calves, past her slender ankles, and finally rested on her arched, slender feet that almost extracted a groan from his mouth. He’d never realized a woman’s two feet could be such a turn-on. But then, Gillian wasn’t just any woman, he sharply reminded himself.
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