Tempted by Trouble goes way off the smoldering contemporary romance scale. Way off.

This erotic Western is so hot it scorches your e-reader, so watch out. Not the Western book your granny read way back when. 

This fast-paced delves into the story of a rancher with dying cattle and the large animal vet who has agreed to help him solve this genetic anomaly.
Sparks fly fast and furious when Carolina and Matt first meet, and continue to arc and burn throughout this novel.
Tempted is the first book of the Bad Boys series.

And now this firecracker romance
is on sale on Amazon.com to celebrate
Crimson Romance's first anniversary.

Reviewers agree, Tempted by Trouble is filled with smoldering romance and "...it has one of the most amazing scenes I've ever read in a romance novel - the heroine, a vet helps the hero deliver a calf. It also has one of the most romantic closing scenes I've ever read." Maria, Amazon  

Happy July 4
and enjoy this treat to spice up your summer with some a panty-melting cowboy who connects with a sassy vet from Miami for explosive romance.

~Tasty Tease~
         “You don’t want someone fearing for their livelihood. We don’t have a bull on the ranch. We breed by stock lines from other ranches. That’s someone reputation we’d be casting doubt on.”
      “Genome studies are common. This type of analysis I’ve done isn’t something out of a science fiction movie. I don’t understand why a ranch would go to pieces if we found a flaw in a breeding line.”
      “Throw around a suggestion concerning a bad seed or poor seed. That’s how ranch fires occur. I won’t have my cattle set on fire inside our stables. You get my meaning? This isn’t going to be a bunch of sophisticated gentlemen we’ll be questioning. These are men who work to pay a note on their home, feed their family, and hope to God that there’ll be work next year. Those men who sit around in the Gentleman’s Cattle Club will turn in an insurance claim without blinking. Don’t think for an instant that this is the type of news that you can release and then take back.”
       “I understand the serious nature of this. But why can’t you just say I’m your friend?”
        He inhaled, gazing into her grey-golden eyes rimmed in green. “’Cause I ain’t got no female friends, darlin’.” He tilted his glass and drained the liquor. “And I sure as hell couldn’t pretend with you.”
       Carolina didn’t look away. “So we’re just going to show up at your ranch, hook up, and hang out. That will take some real acting.”
       He leaned in closer again. “Sweetheart, it’s not like we don’t want to do it. You could always pretend to be a decent woman who wants to wait. I hear there’s a couple such women left in the world.”“You’re incorrigible. Really full of yourself. Wait a second, buster. Are you suggesting that I couldn’t hold back from your charms?”
        She tilted her precious nose upward, defiance clearly dancing in her expression. It took every ounce of strength to say the words she’d find as enticing as if he’d dumped a pail of ice water on her lovely head. The next few seconds were going to be nothing but tense. If left up to him, he kiss her right then and there.
       “Seems like it from where I stand. Don’t bother to lie about our mutual attraction. Baby, both us want to roll around in the sheets. I just can’t risk a whole ranch over a good time. You do understand what’s standing in our way.”
       She sputtered as if drenched. “Care to make a wager, Mr. McLemore? Just to make it interesting, Let’s put our money where our mouths are. Say, my service contract versus what? What do you have that’s of equal value?”
      “You’re calling me out? What, you think I’ve got no self-control?”
      Her angled brows were enough.
    “Hell, woman, you’re on. I’ll put up … double or nothing.”
    “No, that’s just chump change from where you hail.” She smiled so sweetly he knew she had something up her sleeve. “Don’t men like you have a special horse? You know, the one who comes when you call?”
       He snickered. “You’re good.”
       “Suit yourself. What would you do with a horse?”
        “You don’t know anything about me. Do you? Let me worry about the horse. Are you in or out, McLemore?”
        His name on her lips caused his heart to hammer a rhythm he’d nearly forgotten. He was getting off easy if this is all she was going to take. Shit, no; he needed to up the ante.
        “Fine. My damn horse and my damn car and my damn boat to prove it won’t be me coming after you. How’s that for being sure of myself, Carolina?”
        Her name slipped over his tongue, easing between his skin, thundering inside his temples. Carolina, he repeated to himself

My recommendation for the holidays!

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