DAVID GANDY Candy...Fantasy Video

Oh my. What have we here?
Mr. Gandy on the hunt. Maybe...maybe not.

Take a moment (or longer) to enjoy this fantasy, aimed at teasing every molecule of your body into sizzling overdrive.

Mr. Gandy is featured here in various states of dress or undress.

Muse or object of desire?
I don't know. You tell me. That is when you are capable of coherent thought again.

Happy Friday!


  1. Muse or object of desire? Um. I have no idea. I'll think about it. :-) Thanks Susan. x

  2. heyyyyyyyyyyyy...what the heck ..! What's the harm let Every 1 have a little cake ,Ice cream & devour it 1..((YUMMMMMMM:P))! What's a little gulity pleazzzzzure??! (((giggle)))! lovinit!:)thanQ!


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