Why Romance? So many beginnings and a great ending.

When writing or reading romance, the question comes up as to why that choice of genre.
Romance gets ribbed about being many things that are less than spectacular. So what is it that draws the reader and writer to this specific type of story?

For me, it's about the aching and exquisite tension played out between two people. The dynamics of personality traits that simultaneously oppose and meld within a scene. A big draw is the many "firsts" occurring within romance stories. These opportunities seem to represent an eternal hope that somewhere in the world love shall triumph.

My favorite Firsts

The first meeting. This is the time when an awakening occurs within the couple. It's where our love birds see a glimpse of what might be. The proverbial spark. At times its told as backstory. Or may even be explosive if the duo thinks they abhor each other (Priceless!). Or sizzling as in Beautiful Stranger. 

The first time they spar or draw that line in the sand. The time to ponder is she...or isn't she going to go for the tempting bait? The tension rises and so do our hopes that they couple will take a chance. Gone with the Wind. A look that could freeze. A look that could scorch. But look the couple did...at each other.

The first kiss. The rode may be bumpy or they fly into each other's arms. Either way, this is the point where they traverse from their ordinary world into another realm. Or back off, and run in the opposite direction for a time. But they are drawn to each other. We are rooting for them. Time is on everyone's side. Again, I'm going back to my favorites series with Beautiful Bastard. That was a train wreck and my God was it glorious. Two haters so full of vim and vigor. Slapping, kissing, consuming.

The firsts are plenty from this point on. In erotic romance of course there is the first time the lovers go the distance. This moment is the time for a symphony playing romantic music. Yet all may not roses and candlelight for long.

Romance is based on tension, tension, tension. Conflicts are required as part of the romance plot so much that we are on a roller coaster rode from start to finish, and read this heart pounding genre, because even though we know we'll go through dark moments, in the end, things will work out all right.

In romance, we submit to twists and turns in the story, yet we are assured that all is right with the world since happy ever after is what romance is about. Or happy for now.

TWICE TEMPTED, Book 2 from the Bad Boys series is based on many firsts. With two dark moments as is part of the secret baby trope, the couple comes together and then must part, only to meet again.

An excerpt about one of firsts that Cynthia and Rob were dealt: the first touch.

      He patted the desk. "Can you get up here?"
      "I don’t think so." She tried to swing her hip onto the corner of the desk, but her skirt was wrapped around her bottom snug as a bug. "No, I’m grounded. Oh brother," she said, slightly blushing. "I don’t think a chair would even help. I guess we’ll have to think of something else." She chewed her lip.
      Rob softly groaned. For a second, he feigned ignoring her but he couldn’t. He’d have to be blind to accomplish that feat. Her clothed body was already imprinted in his mind, and if his dick had anything to say, her unclothed body would be more than welcomed.
       "Do you mind if I give you a lift?" He spread his palms out in front of him and motioned with his hands.
        "Good idea," she breathed as her face flushed deeper.
        "Ready?" When she nodded, he placed his hands on either side of her hips and squeezed. The feel of her between his hands made his cock harden. For a second, he fought the urge to crush her against his body. Didn’t she realize her effect?
        "Rob," she whispered, giggling, her breath caressing his neck, and her hands fell over his arms.
        In his twenty-eight years, he’d never heard a sound quite like her laughter. This woman wasn’t Sam. She was sin in a skirt. Hotter than hell. And damnation had never looked so good or tempting. Every cell in his body was on high alert. He was bathed in her fragrance, and his cock thickened. He grazed his thumbs up and down across her belly as he held onto her hips fighting his primal urge to kiss her. Tell her his thoughts. Find out if she felt the same. Shit, he better refrain from thinking about doing anything further.

        "Sorry. I’ll stop." She inhaled. Her hands held onto his arms, and her thumbs rubbed gently.
       "Okay, let’s get you seated." He tensed his muscles, envisioning his hands spreading her legs, and wrapping them around his waist. Jesus, he bit his tongue as her breasts rubbed against his chest right before he lifted her up.
        She gasped. Her breath was a sweet whisper on his neck, her mouth wet and inviting. He had to get her away from him. Another second, and he’d do something foolish.
      Rob positioned her on the corner of her desk. "Take this," he said hoarsely giving her a computer tablet to hold.
       "Like this?" She crossed her legs, her skirt doing exactly what he feared. The seams bulged, and if they came apart he’d be hell-bent to do more than stare.
         "Sit up straight," he barked from behind the camera. "Take a deep breath and don’t smile."

Book 2 from the Bad Boys Don't Drink the Water
An erotic romance coming of age story.

The story of young woman who must choose between abiding by her family's expectations and following her own dream. Alone and pregnant, Sam gives up a dream lifestyle and jumps off her career ladder within corporate America.

After years of drowning in a bottle, Rob sobers up and crosses paths with Sam, now known as Cynthia Cainwright, an author. Only this time it's not all about a night of searing passion. The couple share the raising of a child and must come to terms with their desires and responsibilities when temptation is too hot to resist. A second time.

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