Getting ready for another release. Bad Boys Don't Drink the Water.

I can't believe after entering NaNoWriMo last year, that I'd be here, saying I've released my entry. Actually, one entry became two books which is amazing. At least to me.

Many people have mixed feelings about NaNo. Writers I spoken with, so far, have all good to say even if they didn't actually complete the goal of 50K words. Just the process of getting started is an incredible feat.

On the publishing end, after getting involved in some editing, I was amazed at the polar sides that exist. Some houses such as Avon, Harlequin, and Crimson viewed NaNo as a great resource for finding new voices. Avon actively engaged with writers during  NaNoWriMo on the blogs and then pursued soliciting manuscripts. Other houses (unnamed) scoffed at what was being produced. One executive editor, whom I shall let go nameless, proclaimed the manuscripts produced were, for the most part, unstructured, and she was not interested in pursuing a call.

From my vantage point, I think of NaNoWriMo as the best thing that I could have done to structure my writing. Daily goals and the posting helped keep me on track. And going in with idea of a plan, helped deal with reducing the a stream of consciousness and over-editing. For me, plotting as the first step during that first week provided a roadmap of where I wanted to go. Mind you, I didn't follow it point-by-point considering where I ended up. Still, it worked.

What happened?
I ended up with a story that grew beyond the 50K mark and now has ended up a series. Actually two, since the pinnacle book ran in different directions simultaneously: one, a bunch of men who met their match right from the start and then, the McLemore family with a wealth of brothers and one spunky sister; all with stories to tell.

Thinking about NaNo this year? Just do it.
You won't be sorry. The writers you'll meet and the advice you'll obtain are worth every second.

Who knows what will happen. I'm nothing special and my manuscript was picked up in December, days after NaNo ended. I queried the synopsis and within a week the erotic western, Tempted by Trouble sold.  

Now, Twice Tempted, a secret baby troupe about Carolina's cousin, Sam Cainwright, featured in Tempted by Trouble is finally ready for release.

Next month, The Cowboy Rode a Harley (fingers crossed with proofing), an erotic western story of Matthew McLemore's brother, Stephen, and Gillian Sinclair will be available through the Lovers and Fighters Series about the McLemore family.

The kernel of these stories started in NaNo and grew and grew. Give your writing muse some wings and enter this year. Who knows where you could be come December or 2014.

Catch my stories here:
Tempted by Trouble on Amazon. com, Diesel ebooks, Ebook Eros (Reviewers are rewarded!)

Twice Tempted on Amazon and soon coming to other ebook retailers.

I also write as Susan D. Taylor
Secret Desire, contemporary romance and a spicy adult mermaid fantasy, Ocean of Love

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