FALLING Book 3 of Naughty Nights Erotic Tales Coming this Summer. #SatSpank

When a young woman suddenly finds herself being offered an opportunity to escape
her mundane life, she quickly convinces herself the adventure
is a no-brainer and accepts.
Once she's neck deep in a billionaire's life,
she finds he has no intention of letting her go.
Or not until she learns to behave.
That day, painfully hasn't arrived just yet.
FALLEN, Book Three
A serial fantasy into the world of BDSM
Taken, Surrender...Falling
Saturday Spanking Fans. Enjoy

He titled my chin. “You’re coming me with me. End. Of. Argument.”  His hand squeezed my ass, and then he smacked it hard. Loud.
Falling against his chest, I inhaled blinking rapidly. My nipples pebbled pushed up against his body.
I searched his face, and found fire dancing in his eyes. Oh, hell. I had no problem believing he’d clear his schedule, and desk in another round of behavior training beginning with my bare ass and his open palm.
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Romance that comes with a little pain
is something to remember. Oh, yeah baby!


  1. Loving the behavior training element... And the fire dancing in his eyes, a glimpse of this couples commitment to each others yearn...

  2. uh oh, behavior training over the desk! Sounds so hot!

  3. I'm with Renee and Joseph. Yummy!

  4. I love the behavior training aspect of this excerpt, and the fact that he'd clear his schedule to devote all his attention to her. Great snippet, Susan, and I look forward to reading more. Thanks for playing with us.

  5. I'm absolutely going to need to read your series. Sounds great. Glad you've joined SatSpanks!

  6. Behavior training sounds hot! Loved it:)

  7. He'd clear his schedule and his desk for her, nice! You definitely left me wanting to read more.

  8. Definitely want to

  9. I'm a sucker for staccato orders. Well done!


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