Beltane Blitz, Day #2 BUILDING A FIRE

BUILDING A BETHANCE FIRE. Start with hot romance.
All the while his commanding eyes didn’t leave her face. His hand moved around her hip, moved downward forcing her up against his hard body.
“Good job. I want you to handle the closing package details. Miss Silverpointe proved excellent in her capacity. The next phase rests in your hands. No mistaking this Sinclair, I expect you and Hannah to take care of the remaining details. Marissa’s part is done. Exit her from the project so she’s not held up. No sense if she can be freed… I think the dismal closing details are better suited to someone else. I’m immensely pleased with her contribution. Communicate with Jason, my attorney, or his law clerk, tie up the loose ends, and get that closing completed. Simple.”
Red-hot anger shot through her already tense body. She was pulled into a taut bow ready to find a target. Wyatt hung up, raw power seeping from within him, converging within her body, and still she couldn’t contain her outrage.
“Removing me in my capacity at this stage? I should be the one to decide and relay that to my boss. Not be yanked off.” She felt her face heat and her body began to shake. She’d rather walk out the front door and never, ever, lay eyes on him again than be disrespected in this fashion. “I’m more than insulted.”
His face remained impassive, even though his voice crept toward her in a low growl. “Sweetheart, that’s not a slight where you’re concerned. My God, even with your back against some imaginary wall, you’re a sight. I’ve no intention of wasting another moment of your precious life on such insignificant details—”
She cut him off. “To you, Wyatt. I’m so sorry my work as a realtor is less than exciting. Well, no harm done. You’ll be on a plane to God-knows-where, now that you’re finished. Another day and you’ll be free.”
“I’m not free. Just the opposite.” He moved so fast she didn’t have time to duck. He took hold of her and kissed her quiet.
She pushed against him, making him tighten his grasp. “Don’t fight what we’ve got. I’m not letting you go that easily.” He kissed her, his mouth melted over hers while he secured her to him, his body bending her backward, taking his time. Sucking her lips, he coaxed her to allow him entry. He moved against her, holding her next to him, inch by inch, finding the way they fit.
His tongue leisurely explored her mouth until she relaxed, opened up to him, moaning against his mouth. “Oh, God.” She clung to him, desire pooling between her legs.
His hand cupped her cheek. He pulled away not more than a fraction of an inch. “I was talking about the details of my stupid business deal. Not your career. I’ve more important things to entertain you with my darling. No way am I showing up with you tomorrow at some office. I’ve no intention of leaving this house for the next week if I can get you upstairs. Let’s face it, we’re through with business unless it involves you and me naked. I don’t care about developing anything except a relationship with you. I want you. Only you.”
She closed her eyes, lodged between desire and anger. He lowered his mouth, trailing his lips over her neck. His mouth made meticulous work of her sensitive skin up and down her neck. He sucked, nuzzled, licked his way back to her mouth.
As though stunned by his hot lips, she let go of being upset. Her emotional steam and heat were funneled back into her ache to submit to him. She had boxed up her hunger of him for hours and her yearning erupted into volcanic proportions. She clung to him, tilting her head slightly, giving him better access. She molded her body up against him, giving into his mouth. His hands. Her desire.
“You’re on fire. Damn, I want to feel you naked up against me.” He kissed her temple then pressed light kisses across her forehead down to the tip of her nose. He reclaimed her mouth, sweeping his tongue across her lips, kissing her harder, with a fierce possession. “I can’t help wanting you. I won’t apologize for moving this fast.”
Her fingers crawled up his arms as if holding on for dear life.
“No, not too fast,” she breathed out.
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