Why Romance? So many beginnings and a great ending.

When writing or reading romance, the question comes up as to why that choice of genre.
Romance gets ribbed about being many things that are less than spectacular. So what is it that draws the reader and writer to this specific type of story?

For me, it's about the aching and exquisite tension played out between two people. The dynamics of personality traits that simultaneously oppose and meld within a scene. A big draw is the many "firsts" occurring within romance stories. These opportunities seem to represent an eternal hope that somewhere in the world love shall triumph.

My favorite Firsts

The first meeting. This is the time when an awakening occurs within the couple. It's where our love birds see a glimpse of what might be. The proverbial spark. At times its told as backstory. Or may even be explosive if the duo thinks they abhor each other (Priceless!). Or sizzling as in Beautiful Stranger. 

The first time they spar or draw that line in the sand. The time to ponder is she...or isn't she going to go for the tempting bait? The tension rises and so do our hopes that they couple will take a chance. Gone with the Wind. A look that could freeze. A look that could scorch. But look the couple did...at each other.

The first kiss. The rode may be bumpy or they fly into each other's arms. Either way, this is the point where they traverse from their ordinary world into another realm. Or back off, and run in the opposite direction for a time. But they are drawn to each other. We are rooting for them. Time is on everyone's side. Again, I'm going back to my favorites series with Beautiful Bastard. That was a train wreck and my God was it glorious. Two haters so full of vim and vigor. Slapping, kissing, consuming.

The firsts are plenty from this point on. In erotic romance of course there is the first time the lovers go the distance. This moment is the time for a symphony playing romantic music. Yet all may not roses and candlelight for long.

Romance is based on tension, tension, tension. Conflicts are required as part of the romance plot so much that we are on a roller coaster rode from start to finish, and read this heart pounding genre, because even though we know we'll go through dark moments, in the end, things will work out all right.

In romance, we submit to twists and turns in the story, yet we are assured that all is right with the world since happy ever after is what romance is about. Or happy for now.

TWICE TEMPTED, Book 2 from the Bad Boys series is based on many firsts. With two dark moments as is part of the secret baby trope, the couple comes together and then must part, only to meet again.

An excerpt about one of firsts that Cynthia and Rob were dealt: the first touch.

      He patted the desk. "Can you get up here?"
      "I don’t think so." She tried to swing her hip onto the corner of the desk, but her skirt was wrapped around her bottom snug as a bug. "No, I’m grounded. Oh brother," she said, slightly blushing. "I don’t think a chair would even help. I guess we’ll have to think of something else." She chewed her lip.
      Rob softly groaned. For a second, he feigned ignoring her but he couldn’t. He’d have to be blind to accomplish that feat. Her clothed body was already imprinted in his mind, and if his dick had anything to say, her unclothed body would be more than welcomed.
       "Do you mind if I give you a lift?" He spread his palms out in front of him and motioned with his hands.
        "Good idea," she breathed as her face flushed deeper.
        "Ready?" When she nodded, he placed his hands on either side of her hips and squeezed. The feel of her between his hands made his cock harden. For a second, he fought the urge to crush her against his body. Didn’t she realize her effect?
        "Rob," she whispered, giggling, her breath caressing his neck, and her hands fell over his arms.
        In his twenty-eight years, he’d never heard a sound quite like her laughter. This woman wasn’t Sam. She was sin in a skirt. Hotter than hell. And damnation had never looked so good or tempting. Every cell in his body was on high alert. He was bathed in her fragrance, and his cock thickened. He grazed his thumbs up and down across her belly as he held onto her hips fighting his primal urge to kiss her. Tell her his thoughts. Find out if she felt the same. Shit, he better refrain from thinking about doing anything further.

        "Sorry. I’ll stop." She inhaled. Her hands held onto his arms, and her thumbs rubbed gently.
       "Okay, let’s get you seated." He tensed his muscles, envisioning his hands spreading her legs, and wrapping them around his waist. Jesus, he bit his tongue as her breasts rubbed against his chest right before he lifted her up.
        She gasped. Her breath was a sweet whisper on his neck, her mouth wet and inviting. He had to get her away from him. Another second, and he’d do something foolish.
      Rob positioned her on the corner of her desk. "Take this," he said hoarsely giving her a computer tablet to hold.
       "Like this?" She crossed her legs, her skirt doing exactly what he feared. The seams bulged, and if they came apart he’d be hell-bent to do more than stare.
         "Sit up straight," he barked from behind the camera. "Take a deep breath and don’t smile."

Book 2 from the Bad Boys Don't Drink the Water
An erotic romance coming of age story.

The story of young woman who must choose between abiding by her family's expectations and following her own dream. Alone and pregnant, Sam gives up a dream lifestyle and jumps off her career ladder within corporate America.

After years of drowning in a bottle, Rob sobers up and crosses paths with Sam, now known as Cynthia Cainwright, an author. Only this time it's not all about a night of searing passion. The couple share the raising of a child and must come to terms with their desires and responsibilities when temptation is too hot to resist. A second time.



Super Book Blast:

Beauty Touched the Beast &

Beneath the Beauty by Skye Warren

Beauty Touched the Beast
Erin cleans Mr. Morris’s house twice a week, soaking up every moment with the reclusive ex-soldier she secretly loves. Blake Morris knows he’s scarred both inside and out and is no good for the beautiful young woman who cleans his house to pay for college. But when Erin walks in on Blake touching himself and moaning her name, all bets are off.
Beauty Touched the Beast is a short erotic story of lovers finding refuge with each other. Not for those under 18 years of age or those uncomfortable with the subject matter.

         Beneath the Beauty
In the long anticipated sequel to Amazon Erotica Bestseller Beauty Touched the Beast, Erin and Blake explore their new intimacy and encounter old enemies.

When Blake receives an offer to return to his alma mater as associate professor, he knows this is his chance to reenter the world—and to be worthy of the woman he loves. Erin wants this chance for him to heal… even if it means leaving her behind.

Beneath the Beauty is an erotic story told in serial format. Don’t miss the sexy initial installment, Beauty Touched the Beast, available now.

Erin woke up in slow degrees. Awareness tugged at her like a gentle tide. Arousal lapped gently at her skin. She had been in a deep slumber, both sated and sore, but she came alive again under his touch.
Blake. Sighing, she might have said his name aloud. Or maybe just in her mind. They were attuned now, so soon after sex, after being wrapped up in each other, cocooned in sleep. Past the point of discussions, negotiations, they’d been stripped to the core. Him, her, and the pleasure they could invoke together.
Calloused fingers roamed over her hips and lower, lower, to where her curls were still damp from their earlier sex. She peeked her eye open at the windows. A faint eerie light glowed against the curtains, heralding late twilight, the dead of night. He was insatiable really. Last night, then now. Then they’d probably do it again in the morning most likely. She loved it.
 When his fingers slipped inside the wetness pooling between her legs, she moaned.
“Shh,” he murmured. “I didn’t mean to wake you.”
Liar. A lazy smile curled her lips. “Is that right?”
He found her clit and pinched. His breath was hot at the back of her neck, his erection pressing urgently against her back. “But now that you’re up…”
“You have plans for me.” Delicious plans. They always were.
“You don’t have to do a thing,” he murmured, rolling her onto her back. He nuzzled his way between the valley of her breasts, across her belly and settled in between her legs. Her knees splayed wide, her whole body spread open to him, encouraged by anticipation and the laxity of sleep. 
 She’d been given oral sex before, but never by someone as dedicated as Blake. He enjoyed himself there almost as much as he enjoyed regular sex—maybe more. He could make her come endless times, until she was throbbing and restless, until she had to beg him to come inside her.
God, she loved it. 

AUTHOR Bio and Links: 
Skye Warren writes unapologetic erotica, where pain and sex and love collide. Her books have and has reached the bestseller lists at Amazon and been a Night Owl Reviews Top Pick. 

Twitter: http://twitter.com/skye_warren
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/skyewarren

Skye will be awarding a $25 Amazon Gift Certificate
to one randomly drawn commenter during the tour.
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A Man and His Cat. Symbols and premise in a coming of age story.

By Susan Arden

Opening scenes are one of the first and last things I think about during story creation. How to set the tone of the story is crucial.

In Twice Tempted, the opening scene shifted and changed remarkably during revision. I alternated, trying different POVs, changing from the heroine to hero. At one point, the hero's tenant Mrs. Rubio, stole the opening scene.

But finally, about a week before the book went to the final proofing (yeah, after edits and revisions), the opening scene was changed. Again. I wasn't happy painting the hero into the worst of lights.

So I wiped the slate clean, cut and moved up one of the scenes to what is now featured.

The atmosphere: Hung-way-over from another night in paradise, discontent, and questioning how off-track his life has became, Rob basically trades his authenticity for cash. The whole texture of the scene was bleak, a parallel is the rough as sandpaper texture which Rob defines as the interior of his mouth.

The revised scene: Waking, Rob stares at a pussy splayed across his chest.
His pet, people! Shelby, his cat and only live-in companion, is there keeping him company.

In Twice Tempted, it was the first time I'd written a secondary character as a cat. I drew from my own calico kitty (Elvira), using her as the basis for Shelby, Rob's cat.

Shelby is a barometer of sorts in that even though Rob's existence is wacko, he is connected to a living being. And one whom he has to make arrangements for when he lives the country. His ties to Shelby force him to connect to others like Mrs. Rubio, his neighbor. Initially with Sam, the heroine, this is the only piece of personal info that Rob shares as he shows her a cellphone screensaver of Shelby to prove his roommate is a cat.

Imagine, hooking up with a man who flashes you his phone, and there's a snapped pix of his cat. Mind you Rob is a professional photographer. Of course he could have some exotic landscape but that would be too egotistical for a man doing a body slide down the corporate career ladder.

And these are the elements at issue in Twice. The opposing relationship conflicts of the story where one person spiraling while another person, by all accounts is rising (an illusion). A big part of the picture in a coming of age romance where shaking free of expectations (one's own, family, and society) is explored and addressed by the hero and heroine.

An erotic love story.
One love, two people, four years, and a secret baby.
~Opening Scene Excerpt~

Miami, Florida
Rob peeled open his eyes, groaning loudly into a set of white whiskers. On his chest his cat sat purring, proud as furry peacock. Fully clothed, Rob lay sprawled on top of his bed.

Unabashed, the cat continued to rub its cheek against his chin. "Shelby, hold on, girl," he said between gritted teeth.

The pounding in his head was reminiscent of an angry-as-hell jackhammer. Another night in paradise, and he’d gotten too shit-faced to enjoy the scenery.

"Damn," he groaned, picking up the calico and placing her on the floor.

Upright in bed, his world became much more painful. He tightened his hold on his head and squeezed, leaning back against the headboard. What in the hell time was it anyway?
Bleary-eyed, Rob squinted at the clock. Fucking fantastic. He’d forgotten to set his alarm. In less than an hour he was due downtown for a photo-shoot. He thought of his client, Cynthia Cainwright, and the stabbing pain in his head worsened.

Things do get a whole lot better for the hero. And yes, Shelby is there throughout this story that spans four years.

SO TO ALL THE CAT LOVERS, SHELBY IS ONBOARD FOR THE DURATION. Yippie for romance readers with a soft spot for pets.

So far, for each romance I've written, animals are featured. Actually, a host of animals from house pets to horses, cattle (and a calf), and even dolphin have played a roll. I love animals of every shape. I share my life with several, including cats, dogs, a snake and a sweet ole gecko.

Pets capture our hearts. And as a writer, I'd never go anywhere without one of my pet companions, real or imagined. From the heart, cheers!



Getting ready for another release. Bad Boys Don't Drink the Water.

I can't believe after entering NaNoWriMo last year, that I'd be here, saying I've released my entry. Actually, one entry became two books which is amazing. At least to me.

Many people have mixed feelings about NaNo. Writers I spoken with, so far, have all good to say even if they didn't actually complete the goal of 50K words. Just the process of getting started is an incredible feat.

On the publishing end, after getting involved in some editing, I was amazed at the polar sides that exist. Some houses such as Avon, Harlequin, and Crimson viewed NaNo as a great resource for finding new voices. Avon actively engaged with writers during  NaNoWriMo on the blogs and then pursued soliciting manuscripts. Other houses (unnamed) scoffed at what was being produced. One executive editor, whom I shall let go nameless, proclaimed the manuscripts produced were, for the most part, unstructured, and she was not interested in pursuing a call.

From my vantage point, I think of NaNoWriMo as the best thing that I could have done to structure my writing. Daily goals and the posting helped keep me on track. And going in with idea of a plan, helped deal with reducing the a stream of consciousness and over-editing. For me, plotting as the first step during that first week provided a roadmap of where I wanted to go. Mind you, I didn't follow it point-by-point considering where I ended up. Still, it worked.

What happened?
I ended up with a story that grew beyond the 50K mark and now has ended up a series. Actually two, since the pinnacle book ran in different directions simultaneously: one, a bunch of men who met their match right from the start and then, the McLemore family with a wealth of brothers and one spunky sister; all with stories to tell.

Thinking about NaNo this year? Just do it.
You won't be sorry. The writers you'll meet and the advice you'll obtain are worth every second.

Who knows what will happen. I'm nothing special and my manuscript was picked up in December, days after NaNo ended. I queried the synopsis and within a week the erotic western, Tempted by Trouble sold.  

Now, Twice Tempted, a secret baby troupe about Carolina's cousin, Sam Cainwright, featured in Tempted by Trouble is finally ready for release.

Next month, The Cowboy Rode a Harley (fingers crossed with proofing), an erotic western story of Matthew McLemore's brother, Stephen, and Gillian Sinclair will be available through the Lovers and Fighters Series about the McLemore family.

The kernel of these stories started in NaNo and grew and grew. Give your writing muse some wings and enter this year. Who knows where you could be come December or 2014.

Catch my stories here:
Tempted by Trouble on Amazon. com, Diesel ebooks, Ebook Eros (Reviewers are rewarded!)

Twice Tempted on Amazon and soon coming to other ebook retailers.

I also write as Susan D. Taylor
Secret Desire, contemporary romance and a spicy adult mermaid fantasy, Ocean of Love



SINFUL SIREN'S Blog Hop and Giveaway
Here's a sinful siren who knows what she wants. Dr. Carolina Rodriguez has just met her match: Matthew McLemore. They both are about to tangle with temptation on top of an office desk.
Tempted by Trouble
Erotic Western Romance

     “Damn, when you look at me like that, baby, it’s all that I can do to exercise some restraint and not come at you with everything I’ve got.”
    “How am I looking at you?”
    “Sugar, like you want me to fuck you here and now. I need to get a condom.”
    “Cowboy, you’re out of excuses. I’m on the pill.”
    His eyebrows rose. “Modern girl scout. Ever ready.”
    “Don’t give me that look. I’ve been on the pill since I was in middle school for cramps.”
    She placed her hands over his and helped him unbutton the next button, revealing a line of cleavage that dipped down for four inches before disappearing into satin lace bra cups.
    “Considering I’m helping you take off my shirt. I don’t think either one of us is thinking about playing doctor, azucar.”
    “You’re the one who’s sweet to taste,” he growled.
    The dark commanding tone of his voice saturated her body, stealing her concentration. She stared so hard at his mouth wondering what he’d feel like sucking her skin.
    “Then what’s keeping you from giving me a lick.”

Book 1 of Bad Boys Don't Drink the Water
Book 2, Picture Perfect coming May 25

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Oh, we just love our sexy heroes and what would these men be without a vivacious woman to lust after, chase, and claim.

Okay, for the record here's my favorite siren of all time:
Thank you Margaret Mitchell for writing Gone With the Wind where Scarlett O'Hara ruled the South.
And of course, the way Vivien Leigh played the part in the movie was downright sinful.

A woman on a mission, albeit a rather misaligned mission. Still, Scarlett didn't let anything or anyone get in her way.
Not family, nor conventions, NOT hunger, and oh we can just forget a whole war that didn't stop her, not friendship,
not sisterly love, not even a smoking hot hero who was willing to kiss her as she should have been kissed!!!

Scarlet in all her glorywas a sassy, spunky, ingenious, courageous, and determined heroine. And for that she gets top billing in my Sassy Siren Hall of Fame.

Just in case we need a reminder. We all should look as good in a pair of curtains.



LAUNCH PARTY for Desiree Holt and BUCK NAKED.

Sometimes out of the frying pan and into the fire is the best way to burn.

Naked Cowboys, Book 2
Amy Stark has it all together—except for chronic bad taste in men. She’s firmly in hands-off-all-men mode when a flat tire forces her to accept the help of exactly the type of man she’s sworn off. Arrogant, cocky and condescending.
When she runs into him again later that day and then finds out her brother has invited him for dinner, the fire between them has a sizzle of a different kind.
At eighteen, Buck Montgomery left home to make his mark on the bull-riding circuit. He may have had wild success in rodeo but his personal life is in the dust, and while he’s ready to start a new life he’s wary to expose his heart. Buck knows he should tell Amy the truth, but every time he opens his mouth, hers is right there with kisses like molten lava.
When his past resurfaces at the worst possible time, Buck can only wonder if Amy will love the man he has become…or if the man he was will chase her away.

Warning: Contains barnyard language and clap-your-hands-over-your-mama’s-eyes sex between a cowboy with a checkered past and a ranch girl with all the right moves.


About Desiree

Desiree Holt is twice a finalist for an EPIC E-Book Award, a nominee for a Romantic Times Reviewers Choice Award, winner of the first 5 Heart Sweetheart of the Year Award at The Romance Studio, and is published by four different houses. Romance Junkies said of her work: “Desiree Holt is the most amazing erotica author of our time and each story is more fulfilling then the last.”

I'll be hanging with Desiree at 2pm CST. C'mon!!!
8 am Desiree Holt
9 am Jennifer APodaca *
10 am Angel Payne
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12 PM Jennifer Lyon *
1 PM Alannah Lynne
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3 PM Cerise Deland
4 PM Desiree Holt

NICK DRAKE. Let's take a moment.

by Susan D. Taylor

When I moved to Nashville July 2004, the music scene was a turn around from what I was accustomed down in Miami (Florida). Not better. Not worse. Just wholly different.
 Instead of getting a dose of country, which I do adore the oh-so-many flavors, I found Nick Drake's songs and fell in love.

"And I was strong, strong in the sun
I thought I'd see when day is done
Now I'm weaker than the palest blue
Oh, so weak in this need for you." --
Nick Drake, Place to Be

To say soul-touching doesn't even come close to the emotionally encapsulating melodies and lyrics created and produced by a man who lived during the hay day of my parents. Nick Drake's songs are immediate and I still can't quite conceptualize all that's happening within each lyric, each stanza.

Of course, when I first sampled these slices what I can only term heavenly torture, I didn't know the history, only that each one reached into my being, and got under my skin, divesting me from any sense of complacency. I still have to take care in listening, for the wealth of history these songs all too easy tap.

There's nothing in my mind that compares with Drake's music...or his life.

Tragically, short. Drake's music is symphonic, mercurial, and melancholy. I can't listen without a sense of awe mixed with a bit of sadness. Evocative, inspiring, and magical.

This is absolutely one artist that deserves to be discovered. Again and again.


FALLING Book 3 of Naughty Nights Erotic Tales Coming this Summer. #SatSpank

When a young woman suddenly finds herself being offered an opportunity to escape
her mundane life, she quickly convinces herself the adventure
is a no-brainer and accepts.
Once she's neck deep in a billionaire's life,
she finds he has no intention of letting her go.
Or not until she learns to behave.
That day, painfully hasn't arrived just yet.
FALLEN, Book Three
A serial fantasy into the world of BDSM
Taken, Surrender...Falling
Saturday Spanking Fans. Enjoy

He titled my chin. “You’re coming me with me. End. Of. Argument.”  His hand squeezed my ass, and then he smacked it hard. Loud.
Falling against his chest, I inhaled blinking rapidly. My nipples pebbled pushed up against his body.
I searched his face, and found fire dancing in his eyes. Oh, hell. I had no problem believing he’d clear his schedule, and desk in another round of behavior training beginning with my bare ass and his open palm.
PLEASE JOIN the other authors who are absolutely fantastic spinners of erotic romance.  Bon App├ętit!
Follow on twitter using our feature #SatSpanks
Romance that comes with a little pain
is something to remember. Oh, yeah baby!

Beltane Blitz, Day #2 BUILDING A FIRE

BUILDING A BETHANCE FIRE. Start with hot romance.
All the while his commanding eyes didn’t leave her face. His hand moved around her hip, moved downward forcing her up against his hard body.
“Good job. I want you to handle the closing package details. Miss Silverpointe proved excellent in her capacity. The next phase rests in your hands. No mistaking this Sinclair, I expect you and Hannah to take care of the remaining details. Marissa’s part is done. Exit her from the project so she’s not held up. No sense if she can be freed… I think the dismal closing details are better suited to someone else. I’m immensely pleased with her contribution. Communicate with Jason, my attorney, or his law clerk, tie up the loose ends, and get that closing completed. Simple.”
Red-hot anger shot through her already tense body. She was pulled into a taut bow ready to find a target. Wyatt hung up, raw power seeping from within him, converging within her body, and still she couldn’t contain her outrage.
“Removing me in my capacity at this stage? I should be the one to decide and relay that to my boss. Not be yanked off.” She felt her face heat and her body began to shake. She’d rather walk out the front door and never, ever, lay eyes on him again than be disrespected in this fashion. “I’m more than insulted.”
His face remained impassive, even though his voice crept toward her in a low growl. “Sweetheart, that’s not a slight where you’re concerned. My God, even with your back against some imaginary wall, you’re a sight. I’ve no intention of wasting another moment of your precious life on such insignificant details—”
She cut him off. “To you, Wyatt. I’m so sorry my work as a realtor is less than exciting. Well, no harm done. You’ll be on a plane to God-knows-where, now that you’re finished. Another day and you’ll be free.”
“I’m not free. Just the opposite.” He moved so fast she didn’t have time to duck. He took hold of her and kissed her quiet.
She pushed against him, making him tighten his grasp. “Don’t fight what we’ve got. I’m not letting you go that easily.” He kissed her, his mouth melted over hers while he secured her to him, his body bending her backward, taking his time. Sucking her lips, he coaxed her to allow him entry. He moved against her, holding her next to him, inch by inch, finding the way they fit.
His tongue leisurely explored her mouth until she relaxed, opened up to him, moaning against his mouth. “Oh, God.” She clung to him, desire pooling between her legs.
His hand cupped her cheek. He pulled away not more than a fraction of an inch. “I was talking about the details of my stupid business deal. Not your career. I’ve more important things to entertain you with my darling. No way am I showing up with you tomorrow at some office. I’ve no intention of leaving this house for the next week if I can get you upstairs. Let’s face it, we’re through with business unless it involves you and me naked. I don’t care about developing anything except a relationship with you. I want you. Only you.”
She closed her eyes, lodged between desire and anger. He lowered his mouth, trailing his lips over her neck. His mouth made meticulous work of her sensitive skin up and down her neck. He sucked, nuzzled, licked his way back to her mouth.
As though stunned by his hot lips, she let go of being upset. Her emotional steam and heat were funneled back into her ache to submit to him. She had boxed up her hunger of him for hours and her yearning erupted into volcanic proportions. She clung to him, tilting her head slightly, giving him better access. She molded her body up against him, giving into his mouth. His hands. Her desire.
“You’re on fire. Damn, I want to feel you naked up against me.” He kissed her temple then pressed light kisses across her forehead down to the tip of her nose. He reclaimed her mouth, sweeping his tongue across her lips, kissing her harder, with a fierce possession. “I can’t help wanting you. I won’t apologize for moving this fast.”
Her fingers crawled up his arms as if holding on for dear life.
“No, not too fast,” she breathed out.
Top Seller Downloaded for Romance
Fantasy AND Paranormal
Thank you to the countless people who provided support and let me know their desire for MORE MERMAID scenes.
Find out what happens to Wyatt and Marissa
in their life on South Beach.
Would you ever swim at night in the ocean?
May 1 - 3 Beltane Blitz

for the amazing authors joining the fun with posts and prizes

to celebrate this special time of year.

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My recommendation for the holidays!

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