I've been asked this question repeatedly. What's the difference between erotic romance and contemporary romance?

I for one am in the loop of when a contemporary romance edges toward erotic romance.

Honestly, I don't know when it comes to Amazon and their category mechanisms.

But truthfully, there is a huge difference.

Contemporary romance is just that...contemporary in so far as scene setting and time are current. The settings can feature places we all know and love such as Starbucks, or pop culture such as songs. A huge reason for playlists to get a feel for the story theme(s).

In erotic romance, well that's a subgenre and deserves a bit of explaining. Again confusion occurs because of the term "erotic." Erotic romance is not erotica per se. In erotica, the plot is driven by sex between the characters. The story may or may not end happily.

Yet in erotic romance, there are rules in the romance genre and one of the them is a happy-ever-after or, at least, happy-for-now is developing fast. Some authors are tricky in series drawing the reader in and them. And then BOOM! At the end, the characters are left hanging. *Cough* Fifty Shades for one.

In Tempted by Trouble, I enjoyed delving into a few niches in the reading world. Western romance because after all Tempted takes place in Annona, Texas on a cattle ranch where ranching is done. There's actually a scene where the heroine, Dr. Carolina Rodriguez delivers a calf. Which BTW is a terribly difficult process for the mother cow, and the vet involved. That scene took two men and a determined woman to help a safely turn the calf in utero and deliver the baby.  But back to the issue at hand.

Then there's the sensual aspect of Tempted by Trouble. It wasn't all ranching, roping, and calving. There were several smexy scenes from the parking lot in Miami, to the ranch office (more than once), and bedroom scenes galore. And yes, we went there with a hint of BDSM just to take it from sizzle to searing. Nothing was held back from the reader's imagination.
So in answering what's the difference in contemporary romance where so many books are found?

Oh baby, it's night and day what sits on that shelf. Perhaps the best thing to do is read the book blurbs and free reads to get a sense of the story, characters, and plots. When reading and writing romance, there's so many choices. Take an imaginary trip, and enjoy the romance ride where ever it leads you.



  1. Woooh! I like how you cleared this misunderstanding up!!

  2. Sounds like a great book.
    I was looking for the Romance Troupe post but didn't see it.


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