Tempted by Trouble. SNEAK PEEK SUNDAY Sexy Snippet

Welcome to Sneak Peek Sunday and enjoy the delicious ride. Here's a scrumptious peek into Carolina and Matt when they meet--again.

Tempted by Trouble Sexy Snippet

“Evermore Ranch,” she read aloud.
“I hope you this won’t upset your plans?”
“Would it matter? I signed a service contract that included a non-disclosure agreement. Even if I had a problem, I couldn’t tell a soul and I’ve promised you two weeks of my time.”
He chuckled softly. “Yes, two weeks to do my bidding.”
She almost choked at the thought of doing his bidding. “What the heck have I gotten myself into with you, Mr. McLemore? Exactly what type of office do you run?”
His expression changed. Sharpened. “Strictly business. Look, Dr. Rodriguez, we’ve gotten off on the wrong foot.”

“Wrong foot … the whole body is a problem, sir,” she hissed.
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Kristi at Reading Is My Timeout April 12, 2013
"...the story gets tricky, hot, steamy... just wow!! I LOVED Carolina ad Matt! I was definitely a fan of the give the bad boy one more chance club!! 

By Toot's Book Review April 12, 2013
"There's lots of hot sweaty guys, ranch dust and horses, good ol' chemistry, lots of sex, even bouts of BDSM and a oldie but goodie romantic ending."


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