May 1 is a celebration of diversity. Beltane Blitz is here!

May 1 marks a new month and new beginnings. This year I've joined in the Beltane Blitz  celebration being hosted by Dariel Raye of the Romance Troupe.
Our awesome hostess has gone out of her way to bring together Romance Troupe authors, readers, and an E-Party filled with games and prizes.

What is Beltane you might ask? A celebration or festivity that marks a time for renewal, celebrating nature and fertility. From times past to now, this date stands as a doorway halfway between the spring equinox and the summer solstice.

Music, celebration, traditions, rites, or as simple as meals, gardening, and a time to plan our next step into a new season.

Whatever is planned, it certainly is a diverse time. All over the world.
The celebration originated as a means to promote human fertility and the renewal of nature during cattle drives. Celebrations were recorded delving into history that included paying homage to Roman goddesses such as Flora, pagan celebrations, and a time to join together. During medieval times, many celebrations in England took place around a maypole (a tree brought from the forest).  Because there were some passionate encounters, by 1644 May Day was banned by the English Parliament but the celebration did not disappear, it simply went underground. In the U.S. our puritan heritage did little to promote such celebrations.

Yet, now, Beltane is a moment that can be used to give thanks for what we have coming out of winter into spring, and going forward into summer. As cool weather gives way to warmer nights, hotter days all sorts of passions flare.

For me it's a time of gardening and enjoying being outdoors. With a fire pit for the evening, and flower, veggie and herb beds for the days to keep after, I love this time of year.

What do you do come May and spring is underway? Grab a glass of wine with your loved in the evening, relax and give thanks? Or how do you spend May nights?

May 1 - 3 Beltane Blitz
for the amazing authors joining the fun with posts and prizes
to celebrate this special time of year.

Join in the fun for prizes and games on Google+ in the evenings.
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My recommendation for the holidays!

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