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In the midst of writing the next story for my hot western Lovers and Fighters series, I'm taking a little break, returning to
Fantasy for One Night.  This isn't the first time Jenna and Victor are tempted to to forget their career goals. And it won't be their last I assure you.

Here's a little snippet to whet your interest. Enjoy.

      Jenna's voice dropped into the range of a haughty warning, “Don’t go there.”
      “Right. Then you'd better come with me.” Victor clamped his fingers on her elbow willing to drag her down the corridor if necessary. Their gazes locked, sizzled if he thought about it. "You sought this meeting. Well, don't balk at your own wish."

"Fine. Have it your way, Mr. Rawlings."
If only he could. They walked silently. He turned, leading her down another hallway, past his assistant, enjoying Jenna's slight gasp. “Hold all my calls. I don’t want to be disturbed.”
Outside his office, he released his hold on Jenna, impatiently waiting for her to enter first. He followed, shutting and locking the door. He’d never brought a woman into his office and bolted them inside. God, he envisioned her mouth doing all sorts of things since the night they'd first met. 
And now, she was here in front of him. “Imagine what would have happened if we’d had that drink? I’ve thought about it.” Ruminated was more like. Obsessed even better.
Jenna swung around. “Now, I’m part of your company. I don’t think us pushing boundaries is prudent. Do you?”
He shook his head, slowly. "I disagree with your premise."
"Why are you doing this?" She backed away a step, perhaps she'd realized that was not the best idea for she abruptly stopped.
Hell, he could have told her in business she should always stand her ground, letting him know there was no negotiation. Or was there?
“You see,” he began as he unbuttoned his jacket. He paused, removing it, thinking of what he could say to get her to understand her job was not in jeopardy. Jesus, he wanted her to take down that hairdo. He tossed his jacket over the arm of chair. He came toward her. “This isn’t about your work. Or mine. Nothing to do with Trident. As a matter of fact, I think you're ignoring what your body is saying. Isn't that true?”
“For God sakes, how inflated is your ego? You’re only interested because I’m not situated at your feet. Am I really the first woman who didn’t fall over when you charmed her? Why can’t you understand, I’m not interested because you aren’t my type.” Her chest rose and fell captivating his attention. She must have noticed him staring and covered her breasts with her arms. "Your ego is whispering to you. Not my body, Mr. Rawlings. You’d better start listening or I might accuse you of being delusional.”
Jesus, she was a fireball. He’d not considered her involvement in his company a stumbling block. All he could envision was the way she'd been semi-clothed on Friday. Decked out in a dress with a slit way up her thigh. That mockery of a gown had revealed more tempting flesh than it covered.
“Oh, really. And just what is your type? Are you married?” His glance shifted to the fingers on her left hand. “Or perhaps a boyfriend? Or do you date so extensively you have categories for men?”
Her brows drew together, a telling sign he was headed in the wrong direction. “You have no right to question my personal life. None at all. What would happen if I started to question your personal life? You might not have one female employee in the whole Trident empire. I've seen you splashed across many a page in your latest conquest. Remember we live in a digital age. Click and publish goes a long, long way.”

Damn her arched brow lit a fire in him. He itched to take hold of her, bending her to his will. To bring her to release, screaming his name, and then have her do things that brought them both pleasure in the end. What he'd give to have her splayed across his desk instead of mouthing off.  Hell, he'd gotten himself into this corner. Under her perusal, he tunneled his fingers through his hair, contemplating his next move.

"Ask me anything. Do you actually believe the rumor mills that spin around this city? Just because somebody's got a cell phone doesn't mean the whole truth is captured. You might do well to think on that Ms. Smarty Pants. You work for me going forward as you've so capitally reminded us both. So please enlighten me as to your status."
He crossed the space unwilling to stop. Overpowering was his want of her. To feel her body against him. He'd take over, owning that mouth of hers that capably returned barb for barb. He was so close to her, he could make out the tiny silvery flecks in her mercurial eyes. Light enchanting his very essence in the glittering green she flashed dangerously at him. Standing next to panels of glass walls, the sun entered into his office, and he half expected to see chips of ice sheer from her countenance. But was that really what she was feeling? Only one way to find out.
“That’s none of your business,” she was saying.
He reached out taking hold of her wrist. “I want to make it my business. Jenna, why are you here and dressed like this? Is this some sort of masquerade? Did you honestly think I’d not recognize you?”
“I’m nothing to you. And now you’re being a jackass, Mr. Rawlings.”
“Do you know I’ve wondered about how your lips would feel and taste? Your whole body has captivated my thoughts.” He pulled her closer to him. “To kiss you. And then we’d know.”
He’d made the decision, there was no turning back. Either she’d be willing or she'd make her opposition known soon enough. The outcome was worth finding out the texture of her lips. The distance between them evaporated, not giving her an opportunity to think.
His arm pressed around her tiny waist, bringing her up against him. He repeated, “One kiss and then we’d know if this is a wish gone awry.”
This time she softly moaned. Her eyes widened, unblinking. He could feel her stiffen, but there was no pushing back. They stood, hip-to-hip, her breasts crushed against his chest, her bottom under his fingertips. The hunger for her lips blinded him to anything else.
He moved his other hand, cradling the curve of her head. Ever so slightly, he pushed against her until she leaned into his hand.
“Please.” She inhaled, spreading her fingers around his arms.
He lowered his mouth, savoring the moment when their lips met. Soft, delicate, and driving him mad. He pressed her mouth open making way for his tongue. He thrust into her, taking possession of her mouth, plunging and tasting her sweetness.
Without warning she pulled away. “Stop,” She hissed. Her blazing eyes stared back at him. “No. This is all wrong.”
“Is it? You in my arms feels very right. You can’t say I’m alone in this.” His gaze flicked down her flushed face.
“You’re asking me to risk too much.”
“I’m not out to get you. I’ve no intention of letting this sabotage your contract. Just the opposite. We don’t have to let our mutual attraction interfere with our day jobs. The nights can be separate. Ours to do as we wish. Give yourself to me. I promise not a moment shall you regret.”
Jenna licked her lips, relaxing millimeters, her body melded to his. He bent his head, reclaiming her hot mouth. She let him kiss her at first, unmoving, and then he felt her tongue dance and stroke against his.
This craving for her exploded. Tore into him. He hauled her against him, pressing his hips into the soft v-shape of her incredible body. She whimpered into his mouth, digging her fingers into his arms.
Victor continued kissing her, devouring everything she gave. The deeper his tongue thrust, and the harder his cock became to the point of throbbing.
Her fingers had moved up to his shoulders. Their kiss had him craving the rest of her body. A feast he’d enjoy for sure.  He ran his hand down her back, all the way to her ass. He rubbed a firm cheek, and then moved his other hand until he cupped her bottom, dragging her up next to him.
“Jesus, I want you like I’ve never wanted anyone before.”
“No. Victor. This won’t work out for me.” She didn’t move away, if anything she flexed her hip, pushing against him.
“We’re having dinner tomorrow.”
“Actually, I don’t see why we can’t meet at my office.”
“Why? Do you have a bodyguard at your palatial offices Ms. Tatum?” He cupped her breast, thumbing her nipple.
And then it happened. Slap! The heat from her palm spread over his face. She twisted vehemently in his arms with a strength surprising him, unlocking his grasp on her.
“Stop.” She panted, holding up her palm, face glowing, lips puffy and reddened. This time she held her ground in front of him. “Don’t make fun of me. Ever again. With all that you have, I’d think you’d not belittle others. What was I dreaming?”
She pushed away from him in such a fury. Teasing didn’t go far with her. At least not from him. She shook her head. Shit, there were tears in her eyes.
“Look, I didn’t mean that. Christ, is it always going to be a debate each time we meet?  I just want to get to know you so you don't think I'm some sort of cad.”
“Too late.” She reached inside her attaché case and pulled out a stack of papers. “Here’s my company contract. It's standard in the industry. Nothing a first year law student couldn't muddle through. If you still want to work with me, then fine. But not like this. I’m not here for your amusement.” She slammed her case. Without another word or glance she sauntered to his door. All he could do was watch her walk out his office. He rubbed his hand over his flaming jaw pondering the event. Jenna Tatum. The first woman he'd spurned leaving him entirely frustrated—entirely ravenous to possess her.

Jenna, owner of an Event to Remember needs a contract and fast. Not to worry, her best friend Maddie has lined up an interview with Trident Builders in return for a tiny favor.

Enter Victor Rawlings, a man whose infamous reputation precedes him up and down the Florida Gold Coast and he's prepared to hire Jenna to make him shine. Victor is on the wire to prove he's CEO material if he can wine and dine Trident's clientele according his Board of Directors requirements.

Now comes the favor. Maddie signed both Jenna and herself up at a charity auction, Fantasy for a Night at an underground club. In a chance meeting during this risque auction, Jenna finds herself owned by Victor for the entire night. Their night doesn't end with sunrise. Instead, Jenna finds herself enticed into working side-by-side with Victor during business social events, and then submitting to his every wicked desire when the sun goes down.

Now the real masquerade begins.

Can Jenna hide her emotions? Or will she fall without a net, losing her business and her heart to a man who directs her by day, and commands her night?

Reworked SYTYCW 2012 went from steamy to scorching!

Another SWEET AND SPICY TALE due out in July 2013 on and other ebook retailers.


My recommendation for the holidays!

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