DRACULA UNLEASHED by Linda Mercury 3rd in the Series: Blood Wings

Dracula Unleashed
by Linda Mercury


After centuries as the Dracula of Legend, disguised as a male, Valerie Tate's current incarnation is the last thing she expected: mother of a precocious half-angel, half-vampire, and wife to two men. But Valerie is more familiar with battlefields than domesticity. . .  

Some overwhelmed mothers relax with a glass of wine. Valerie soothes her immortal soul with a refreshing blood and coke. How else can she deal with her toddler Minerva's psychic powers--not to mention her determination to throw knives. Thank goodness for Valerie's two loves, John Jante, guide to Fallen Angels, and Lance Soleil, Angel of the Lost. Without them, the trauma of her dark past and her primal, Dracul urge for violence and power would overtake her. Yet in a world where humans and paranormals uncomfortably co-exist, Valerie's peace will be short-lived. 

Tensions have erupted with bombings and the emergence of creatures heralding the apocalypse itself. And Valerie's vampire brother and nemesis, Radu, is at the center of the conflict. Now Valerie finds herself at the forefront of an epic battle between good and evil--and facing a choice no woman in any realm should have to make. . .

At three o’clock in the morning, the doorways of the Old Town neighborhood of Portland, Oregon, were as dark as an open mouth. The buildings with their Old West–style false fronts loomed over the narrow street, an urban mountain pass with sheer cliff walls that hid a myriad of hiding places. Every corner held the promise of violence.  
Chad Trask, former leader of the area’s largest gang of idle rich kids, stiffened as a trickle of icy sensation moved along his hairline.  
The ten young did not walk unobserved. Hungry creatures hid in those shadows. 
The blood in his veins pumped hot and fast. His breath sped up. The tiny prickle grew into the unshakeable knowledge that they were being tracked. After the events of last Halloween, he knew more than the average human about being hunted.  
His friends were walking into a trap. Just as the smooth sides of the pitcher plant enticed flies into the digestive soup at the bottom, the silence and seeming quietness lured them into deadly carelessness.
"The Angel of Death was everywhere at once, closing the eyelids of fallen with its skeletal fingers. Others, it merely touched their foreheads with careful delicacy."
Dracula Unleashed is third in the Series Blood Wings delivers a inhumanly fast paced ride. 
A battle is about to break between immortal forces and then does, devastatingly so.
Lance walks amidst wreckage with the Angel of Death who determines the beings which have started this war are indeed vampires.There's only one solution. A hunter must be utilized, or unleashed. Valerie Tate is called upon to against Lance's wishes. She is wife to him and John, angel and Guide, (that's right a vampire with two husbands!!), a mother, and the huntress in this tale.
The paranormal cast within Dracula Unleashed is varied and rich giving the story an unsual twist.
First, I must say the interplay of passion between Valerie and Lance is imaginative, delicious, salacious. YUM! And then there's some pretty hot video menage that will leave the reader breathless.
I found the sibling against sibling tension a driving force, all the way to sacred ground. The constant powerplay of good against evil mesmerizing. And let's not forget, the stunning passion between the characters. Dracula Unleashed is absolutely a dark, hot read that will captivate the reader.
"Something was going on underneath her illogical resistance, her bizarre insistence that he and John were fragile. He buried his human response of frustration and trusted his true nature. He would get answers. Lance traced his thumb over navel. A spark of hot red passion there told him exactly what to do. "
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Linda Mercury left behind her varied careers as a librarian, art model, and professional clown to pursue writing. She’s interested in writing, romance, the Middle East, reading, organizing, cooking, hand-made silk Turkish rugs, and the Nike of Samothrace. 
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