Mermaid Fantasy, Erotic Love Story on South Beach


“Hush.” He pressed one finger across her lips, sealing away any of her qualms. And then he was on her, cupping her face with his hands. Brushing back tendrils of her hair, he bent his head, and then kissed the corner of her mouth. “I’ve wanted to do this since the moment we met.”

She capitulated when he sucked a point on her neck. Digging her hands into his arms, she took hold of forged steel. He slid his mouth up to her ear while his hands moved down from her shoulders. The sensation of his lips on her throat nearly sent her over the edge. She reached forward, taking hold of his shirt. He pushed her back against the wall, making her entire body clench.

“Wyatt,” she groaned softly, pleading with him to free her from decision.

He pulled back slightly, far enough to look into her eyes. “Stop looking at me like that or I swear I’ll find an alley and take you here and now.”

There was no use denying him. Wyatt’s power and arrogance were playing tricks with her—tricks she liked very much. “I want you. But, I don’t know what to tell you.”

“Sure you do.” He moved his hands down her shoulders, pushing up snug against her.

Oh, no. She thought he’d changed tactics. He now lightly trailed his fingertips up her neck, his eyes pinning her to the wall. “What does your body want? Yes or no?”

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