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Thank you for stopping by. My first post is about hot romance. What does it means to go from a love story to steamy to erotic romance?

Is it the words used or the imagery? The intensity of the scene? The physical connection between characters? All of these things or even more.

Romance is a huge genre that encompasses several subgenres. On the high heat side there's two: erotica is different than erotic romance. Of course there are several subgenre mixes such as western erotica or paranormal erotic romance. But for now, we'll focus on heat factor.

With erotica, there really is not requirement for a happy ever after. Sex is the backbone of the story. It drives the plot and yes, there can be a love story as well. But it's all about the S-E-X.

Conversely, with erotic romance, the basis of the plot must be a L-O-V-E story, satisfying  to the reader in the resolution of the problem(s) keeping the hero and heroine apart. There is a depth of the physical connection being presented where the veils are removed. The inner thoughts including the physical, emotion, and psychological reactions are explored and shared for readers. And of course, the physical action is presented in full detail since this is after all erotic. Erotic romance may contain scene after hot scene, or the story will be peppered with sizzle. No matter, when the characters are ready, they do come together with passion hot enough to melt metal. A blazing torch couldn't be as searing.

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Your question:
So, if you've wondered, now you know a bit more. What are your thoughts on steamy romance?

 If not you're thing, and you've a couple of favorite authors or titles, please share. I'm interested in great reads. Again, thank you for stopping. And remember, there are awesome authors on this hop waiting to share a prize and thought provoking post.
Happy hopping!

Excerpt of Secret Desire
Contemporary Erotic Romance

Cynthia pushed back into the cushy leather chair and swung her legs on top of the desk. She tossed another overdone romance into the reject pile. Already pages into the next story, she hardly noticed her door open.

"Emily, I’m looking for more tension, more heat. I want something that sizzles." Cynthia didn’t raise her eyes from the page. "None of these make me hot, never mind dripping wet."

"Excuse me?" a deep male voice asked.

Cynthia lifted her gaze from the manuscript and locked onto a pair of deep brown eyes set in a tanned face. She swallowed and for a moment wondered if she was dreaming. She pinched herself. Adonis was standing right in front of her. Up close, she was convinced he must be one of the cover models. If only she had a digital camera in her desk.

"Photography is down the hall, make a left, and look for the red door." She was suddenly too nervous to enjoy the eye candy break.

"Cynthia Lewis?" He stepped into her office before closing the door.

The man’s broad shoulders were perfectly framed by the door behind him. Her eyes drifted down his body, lingered at the bulge in his pants, and eventually returned to his face. His lips clamped together, making the muscle along his jaw twitch. He walked toward her and didn’t stop until he stood in front of her desk. He towered above her, his fingers pressing the glass surface of her desk as he leaned over.

"Yes, I’m—" Christ, she almost forgot her own name.

The man’s gaze fell to her legs still carelessly strewn across her desk. Her heart thundered in her ears. Warmth from his sharp exhale caressed the skin at her ankles.

"What the hell were you thinking?" His voice was demanding.

"Who are you?" His tone and the gleam in his eyes rooted her to the chair. On the brink of self-doubt,she pointedly reminded herself—she was Cynthia Lewis. A woman who wielded power in
the world of publishing. Yet his complete command of himself drew her. This was a man who expected others to do exactly what he said. Nothing short of her complete fantasy warrior come to life.

"I’m from the twenty-seventh floor." He straightened and raised an eyebrow as if that piece of information should mean something to her.

She hardly got out of her own office. What department was up there? Apparently totally alpha scorching studs. This was her chance, the reason she trudged out to the reception room and hovered around the front desk each morning.

She bit her lip and decided—no regrets for trying "And?" She returned his mocking raised-brow expression in an eye-for-an-eye stare down.

"I’m Thornton Maxwell…your attorney." He turned away, but not before she caught his look of displeasure. "God. Woman, do you even know what a mess you’ve got on your hands? We need to talk. A real pressure cooker is about blow."

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