Part 1 of the Digital Pirating Series
Today we discuss the basics. Not long ago I released my first book, and right off the bat was told that it had been pirated. Other writers from the loop I belonged routinely kept watch over their books and had spotted mine. I gained some experience, not all good but still I had some success. Yet it was short lived.
What pirates you say? Arrrhhh! Ahoy matey? No. Not this time.  This matter isn’t something akin to Let's all Talk Like a Pirate that occurs annually in September.
Digital media piracy is of concern now more than ever. As I said my success was short lived because, as soon as one site removed my book, there it was up on another. This doesn't just impact indie authors either. Simon and Shuster just sent a notice (earlier this month) that they will provide their authors with piracy data. Piracy sites are similar to mushrooms cropping up in the dark. Remove one, and another appears when you turn your back.

To fight the good pirate fight what tools are needed? One comes to mind. A legal pitbull. Aka an attorney. And as we all know, these legal gunslingers aren’t cheap.

So what can indie publishers and self-published or independent artist do more? More than wring their fingers? Well that depends on how much time they’ve got on hand.

To begin with, we need to know what we’re dealing with besides frustration. Your creative blood, sweat, and tears isn’t what’s at stake...actually. It’s something more broad than your book or photograph. If you choose to step into the ring, what you seek to protect, like every court case that is taken to court, is a bit broader than the specific issue (creative work) at hand. What you are fighting for is to uphold a law that was created to protect your right. When this right is upheld by the perpetuation of the law in place, your creative endeavor is protected. In the case of fighting digital pirating, it’s known as Digital Millennium Copyright Act, hereafter known as DMCA.
So what are the things that you can begin to do before you actually put on the digital boxing gloves.

To begin with, perform a search engine alert for your name and the title of your book. Search engines such as Google will provide a listing of where your name and your book is mentioned.
Next, if you’re careful you can determine where pirate sites exist. Extreme caution in entering such sites in NOT giving any personal information. I’d caution even the cookies from such sites. 
Then if you do find your book is listed, the next step is sending a DMCA take-down notice.  
Stay tuned for the next post in this series of DIGITAL PIRATING…WHAT CAN WE DO?
Coming up tomorrow we'll look at how to craft a take-down notice and what we need to know before we hit "send."
Anyone with success in this endeavor, please chime in for the sake of all authors and artists.

HOW MUCH DO YOU NEED A BIRTHDAY? I know people who do.

charity: water is a non-profit organization bringing clean, safe drinking water to people in developing
countries. They use 100% of public donations to directly fund sustainable water solutions in areas of greatest need.
Right now, 800 million people on the planet don’t have access clean and safe drinking water.

That’s one in nine of us.

Unsafe water and lack of basic sanitation cause 80% of diseases and kill more people every year than all
forms of violence, including war. Children are especially vulnerable, as their bodies aren’t strong enough to fight diarrhea, dysentery and other illnesses.


The jerry can.

To us, it says “gasoline” but for 800 million people on the planet, it represents water. It weighs 40 pounds
when full, and people all over the world walk up to three hours each day carrying it. The water they bring
home to their families often makes them sick.

Women and children usually bear the responsibility of water collection, which prevents the kids from getting an education and women from earning a much needed extra income.

Maybe pledge just one present
or the cost of your birthday meal.
Maybe pledge the whole day.
But give.
Anything is appreciated.
Water makes a difference.
and bring back that feeling of the way a birthday
used to feel.


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Mermaid Fantasy, Erotic Love Story on South Beach


“Hush.” He pressed one finger across her lips, sealing away any of her qualms. And then he was on her, cupping her face with his hands. Brushing back tendrils of her hair, he bent his head, and then kissed the corner of her mouth. “I’ve wanted to do this since the moment we met.”

She capitulated when he sucked a point on her neck. Digging her hands into his arms, she took hold of forged steel. He slid his mouth up to her ear while his hands moved down from her shoulders. The sensation of his lips on her throat nearly sent her over the edge. She reached forward, taking hold of his shirt. He pushed her back against the wall, making her entire body clench.

“Wyatt,” she groaned softly, pleading with him to free her from decision.

He pulled back slightly, far enough to look into her eyes. “Stop looking at me like that or I swear I’ll find an alley and take you here and now.”

There was no use denying him. Wyatt’s power and arrogance were playing tricks with her—tricks she liked very much. “I want you. But, I don’t know what to tell you.”

“Sure you do.” He moved his hands down her shoulders, pushing up snug against her.

Oh, no. She thought he’d changed tactics. He now lightly trailed his fingertips up her neck, his eyes pinning her to the wall. “What does your body want? Yes or no?”

25% of sales are donated to the Dolphin Project to help stop the international slaughter of dolphin. Please help save these majestic and intelligent creatures.

Ric O'Barry's DOLPHIN PROJECT has worked wonders.

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Thank you for stopping by. My first post is about hot romance. What does it means to go from a love story to steamy to erotic romance?

Is it the words used or the imagery? The intensity of the scene? The physical connection between characters? All of these things or even more.

Romance is a huge genre that encompasses several subgenres. On the high heat side there's two: erotica is different than erotic romance. Of course there are several subgenre mixes such as western erotica or paranormal erotic romance. But for now, we'll focus on heat factor.

With erotica, there really is not requirement for a happy ever after. Sex is the backbone of the story. It drives the plot and yes, there can be a love story as well. But it's all about the S-E-X.

Conversely, with erotic romance, the basis of the plot must be a L-O-V-E story, satisfying  to the reader in the resolution of the problem(s) keeping the hero and heroine apart. There is a depth of the physical connection being presented where the veils are removed. The inner thoughts including the physical, emotion, and psychological reactions are explored and shared for readers. And of course, the physical action is presented in full detail since this is after all erotic. Erotic romance may contain scene after hot scene, or the story will be peppered with sizzle. No matter, when the characters are ready, they do come together with passion hot enough to melt metal. A blazing torch couldn't be as searing.

HEY I'm also putting up a prize of a $5.00 Amazon Gift Card for one commenter randomly picked. But you've got to leave a comment with your email address to be in the Grand Prize Drawings and this one as well.
Your question:
So, if you've wondered, now you know a bit more. What are your thoughts on steamy romance?

 If not you're thing, and you've a couple of favorite authors or titles, please share. I'm interested in great reads. Again, thank you for stopping. And remember, there are awesome authors on this hop waiting to share a prize and thought provoking post.
Happy hopping!

Excerpt of Secret Desire
Contemporary Erotic Romance

Cynthia pushed back into the cushy leather chair and swung her legs on top of the desk. She tossed another overdone romance into the reject pile. Already pages into the next story, she hardly noticed her door open.

"Emily, I’m looking for more tension, more heat. I want something that sizzles." Cynthia didn’t raise her eyes from the page. "None of these make me hot, never mind dripping wet."

"Excuse me?" a deep male voice asked.

Cynthia lifted her gaze from the manuscript and locked onto a pair of deep brown eyes set in a tanned face. She swallowed and for a moment wondered if she was dreaming. She pinched herself. Adonis was standing right in front of her. Up close, she was convinced he must be one of the cover models. If only she had a digital camera in her desk.

"Photography is down the hall, make a left, and look for the red door." She was suddenly too nervous to enjoy the eye candy break.

"Cynthia Lewis?" He stepped into her office before closing the door.

The man’s broad shoulders were perfectly framed by the door behind him. Her eyes drifted down his body, lingered at the bulge in his pants, and eventually returned to his face. His lips clamped together, making the muscle along his jaw twitch. He walked toward her and didn’t stop until he stood in front of her desk. He towered above her, his fingers pressing the glass surface of her desk as he leaned over.

"Yes, I’m—" Christ, she almost forgot her own name.

The man’s gaze fell to her legs still carelessly strewn across her desk. Her heart thundered in her ears. Warmth from his sharp exhale caressed the skin at her ankles.

"What the hell were you thinking?" His voice was demanding.

"Who are you?" His tone and the gleam in his eyes rooted her to the chair. On the brink of self-doubt,she pointedly reminded herself—she was Cynthia Lewis. A woman who wielded power in
the world of publishing. Yet his complete command of himself drew her. This was a man who expected others to do exactly what he said. Nothing short of her complete fantasy warrior come to life.

"I’m from the twenty-seventh floor." He straightened and raised an eyebrow as if that piece of information should mean something to her.

She hardly got out of her own office. What department was up there? Apparently totally alpha scorching studs. This was her chance, the reason she trudged out to the reception room and hovered around the front desk each morning.

She bit her lip and decided—no regrets for trying "And?" She returned his mocking raised-brow expression in an eye-for-an-eye stare down.

"I’m Thornton Maxwell…your attorney." He turned away, but not before she caught his look of displeasure. "God. Woman, do you even know what a mess you’ve got on your hands? We need to talk. A real pressure cooker is about blow."

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DAVID GANDY is being auctioned tomorrow!

David Gandy
Launches Red Nose Day Fashion Auction

                                 April 27-28, 2013

DAVID GANDY  on March 7 launched an eBay auction as part of HIS Blue Steel Appeal supporting  Red Nose Day 2013.

And not just Mr. Gandy. Some of fashion's biggest names are taking part of with donations (not only prizes) but RARE experiences. Included are  Kate Moss, Victoria Beckham and Louis Vuitton. Talk about sensation experiences, you've just got to hear this!

Donations include front row tickets to see David Gandy talk at the 2013Vogue Festival. That's not the prize. BUT BEST OF ALL...KEEP READING .

I'ts one-on-one with David Gandy. Well start counting!
It might be you having a Vogue cover portrait with David G-A-N-D-Y!

Then off to lunch on his arm at the Louis Vuitton apartment in London, complete with a butler; the chance to spend time with Roland Mouret and his design team. OH BABY! Anyone with change sitting around the laundry room, start counting.

To see what other absolutely mind-blowing prizes are up for auction take a peek. Talk about dreams and wishes. Well stack, rack, and dig out those lucky charms. Wouldn't you know the auction is on St. Patty's day???

Interested in legally stalking David Gandy, you can buy your tickets to see Gandy talk at the Vogue Festival click here.

Gotta love a hunk that gives back to the community. Well, you were right if you've been drooling over Mr. Gandy. His heart is as big as his...reputation. He's truly becoming a pop culture icon. And  you know that's my passion. Pop Culture! Take note, bidding ends on March 17.

David G. launched his Blue Steel Appeal earlier this year in the form of fashion events to take place during 2013 to raise money for Comic Relief (Red Nose day for Comic Relief was televised last night...see some of what happened Jessie J).

He said on Vogue,
"I wanted to put something together that could grow each year and continue to help raise awareness and funds, so I brought together a committee of fashion influencers to help with that and they have gone out of their way to support me," said Gandy. "One of the committee, Sophia Neophitou, needs a special mention as she has surpassed herself in bringing so many wonderful names within the fashion industry to take part. I will be forever grateful to her and to the others who have shown their support."

Here the link to eBay to see the actual bid location...just in case you're ready to place yours.

Good Luck or if you're like me, happy screen shopping. Either way, it's fun to look.


Writing Contemporary Romance...Use Reality to Ground the Story

Within the genre of contemporary romance, many times with the creation of a story, complete fabrication of characters, their history, and a million details in between,
how is it possible to make fiction feel real?

Ground the story in the real world. I like to use some hot, racy imagery like lingeries stores. Agent Provacateur. My fav shopping experience.

Using things (sorry I'm about to do the brand name toss) like well-known restaurants and beverage spots (Starbucks is my favorite) to brand names including clothing, jewelry, and even technology. Yes, I'm guilty of a bag of Starbucks coffee beans, music from an iPod, but I did rethink Kinkos. Since the scene was negative, I couldn't in good consciousness give a name to the brand.

Readers of contemporary aren't looking for a shopping list
but they are looking for evidence
that this is contemporary meaning it happened today, not thirty years ago. At times writers can ground their work too much including key historical references. I don't know about this issue. I originally had written a mention of the Occupy Wall Street but it was deemed as dating the story. So I acquiesced and removed it since was in conversation, a repartee between twin sisters jabbing each other. 

Another idea is to pepper references including geographical features such as roads, cities, places of interest. What it boils down to is research, research, research.

Even key items such as character response should be based on reality. That why meshing with characters becomes possible through the use of visceral response.

If you've never had to confront a death, then you had better be damn intro- and interpersonally gifted to understand the process of such an experience and how it is conveyed in terms of emotional and psychological processing. In Secret Desire, I used graduate school training and studying Elisabeth Kübler-Ross stages of grief and bereavement in Death and Dying. Having lived through the death of my close family members provided perspective as well.

Point:  We as writers create to our heart's content but then we make certain there's a twang of reality to give our reader the feel, they're in a believable place. 

Contemporary romance. It's about transporting a reader via the imagination, giving them a foundation and then whisking them away for the perfect escape. No passport or boarding pass needed!


For The Love of Jazz by Elke Feuer...Sensation Suspenseful Read

by Elke Feuer

Restoration architect Josie Fagan takes on a project with lawyer and senator’s son, Patrick Pullman. It’s the perfect match. She needs his endorsement to save her business and he wants to restore his ancestral Chicago home. Love wasn’t part of her plan. Neither was being asked to stay at his home, haunted by ghosts, or discovering she has a claim to his home – which she adores. When she finds out his family may be responsible for her aunt’s disappearance fifty years ago, it’s a race to unearth the truth before she loses not only her business and her heart, but her life.  

Patrick can’t deny his attraction to Josie and is willing to take a chance on love since his broken engagement a year earlier. Things become complicated when he learns of their family connection and her claim to the home he loves. He doesn’t believe in ghosts, or that his family is involved in her aunt’s disappearance, so insists they work together. But, when he starts seeing his uncle’s ghost, and threats are made on her life, he’s forced to confront the possibility his family could be responsible.


For the Love of Jazz Excerpt 
Had she really seen a … ghost? She looked at her wine glass. No, she’d only had one glass, but since when did drinking produce ghosts? Never! Blood pulsed wildly against her temple in fear at what she’d seen — hadn’t seen. The clock on the other side of the room struck one o’clock, startling her. Had an hour really passed?
“Time is the least of your problems, Josie.” Pushing the recliner back to its upright position she looked around frantically to make sure it was really gone. The dimly lit room suddenly closed in on her, casting dark shadows in corners that weren’t there earlier. She shot out of the chair and headed to the light switches and turned them all on. Light filled the room with the exception of the odd missing bulb, and revealed there was nothing there but dust bunnies. She breathed a deep sigh of relief. 
Now what? She could knock on Patrick’s door and tell him what she had seen, but what good would that do? The last thing she wanted was her new client to think he’d hired a crazy person. Besides, what would she say? Hey, I just saw a ghost can I sleep in your room? Yeah, that would go over well. 
She blew out the candle and picked up the glass of wine from the table, liquid courage to sleep. She made sure the lights in the stairwell were turned on before the ones in the living room were turned off.
She closed her room door and pulled the chain across the newly installed deadbolt lock. Reason told her the lock couldn’t keep the ghost from coming into her room, but it gave her some comfort anyway. What the heck had she gotten herself into?

by Elke Feuer
Review óóóóó
 I began “For the Love of Jazz” because of the premise of the story involving the restoration of a historical home within Chicago with a story of its own. I was taken with the ambiance crafted by author Elke Feuer since I am a fan of grounded writing by the use of time and place within a storyline. The author masterfully layered characters in the creation of Josie Fagan and Patrick Pullman, a restoration architect and lawyer, respectively. Patrick comes from old money and is the son of a senator along with all the social connections and upbringing issues expected. At times Patrick acknowledges the requirements of wealth and status with regret at times or as a weight to bear in his self-reflection. I enjoyed the use of the characters’ careers and ambition to create further tension in the story as well as their mutual attraction. Josie is just starting out on her own in a business more than eager, she must find a client and fast. She is passionate and well-versed in the renovation of buildings.
The author powers up the conflict, rocketing the story forward as the Josie agrees (not too happily at first) to live on the premises during the renovation. This becomes the lynch pin in her obtaining the contract offered by Patrick using his legal maneuvering which he is famous for as it turns out.  She is on a tight schedule to bring the Pullman project in on time and since Patrick is her only client, she is able to focus her attention on this restoration and him. Patrick in turn becomes more enamored by his architect live-in, equally wanting more of her time and attention as the story progresses. We are given the family history of these two people, further layering their characters and within the story there are also some mysterious elements or devices employed regarding the mutual family history of Josie’s aunt and Patrick’s uncle as well as suspense in threats delivered against the heroine. Throughout the story, Josie and Patrick are more and more attracted to each other creating a sensual undercurrent that is woven within the story, appearing and reappearing in lieu of upstaging the various story elements. All in all, For the Love of Jazz was an engaging read with an intriguing plot in the never knowing how the story would end, and had me captivated at a fast-paced clip to the very end.
This reviewer received an ARC from the author in return for an honest review, which is given as a professional courtesy and without monetary compensation.
Elke will be awarding a commenter at each stop a $5 Amazon Gift Card, and a $10 Barnes& Noble Gift Card to a randomly drawn commenter during the tour.
PLEASE comment below. Thank you.
AUTHOR Bio and Links:
Elke lives in Grand Cayman with her husband and two kids. Reading, spending time with her family, traveling, and meeting people is her joy. Writing is her passion. She enjoys her job as a project manager, but her dream is to write full-time and stay home with her kids. 
Jazz and salsa are her favorite music to write to. She sometimes wonders if she’s not Billie Holiday incarnate because of the strong connection she feels to her and jazz. It’s her favorite writing music along with salsa.
She stumbled into writing suspense, and to her surprise found she enjoyed it, along with writing about serial killers. Elke is fascinated by them, and what motivates them to kill. She writes time travel, historical, and contemporary novels to even out her dark side.
Readers can connect with Elke at:
Where to get the book:



Ocean of Love, An Adult Fairytale set on South Beach

 Ocean of Love is now out!
Early to make certain March 11, 2013 official dance-n- shout day wouldn't sneak by.

Stay tuned for giveaway!
Available on Amazon now
and by the 11th other ebook retailers as well.

- Excerpt-

Wyatt stared at her, but he wasn’t gazing at her face. He studied her chest. His expression made her forget her fear. 
“Man, what a rarity. Are those real?”
Frozen, she gaped at him. South Beach was vested with an aura of tell-all, as if nude sunbathing equaled a need to be forthright. Did men from where he hailed speak openly about body parts? She flinched not knowing what he was referring to until his fingers gingerly picked up the pendants she wore around her neck.
“Those are beautiful. Are they real?”
“Come again?” She choked back indignation.
His fingers trailed over her skin before he tugged the chain around her neck. “Some museum pieces? May I?”
An innocent mistake. Of course he wasn’t talking about her breasts.
“This is antique gold,” he murmured, squinting down at her necklace.
“A stack of stamped coins, one on top of another. A couple hundred years old, or so I’ve been told.”
Darn, Wyatt had snuck within her physical comfort zone, past the point where she should have reared back. Marissa had no choice and waited, every one of her nerves stretched taut. She caught herself admiring his dark chest hair on display between the unbuttoned collar of his shirt and hastily looked away.
He spoke as if he were talking to himself. “Appears as if the rubies are embedded from years of being underwater. This is something from a shipwreck rescue isn’t it?”
The distinct urge to bury her face into his shoulder held her in a tug-o-war. He raised his face, connecting with her gaze, expectation of a response in the arch of his brow. There was no way to adequately describe her necklace. A gift from her mother and a treasure she’d had for years. Wyatt had a way of unlocking her vault of feelings. The memory had Marissa coming undone as she furiously blinked back tears. A tide of emotions lodged in her throat. She stepped back, far enough to make him release her necklace.
“A family heirloom,” she said, facing away from him while the breeze lapped at her face. She wiped away pooling tears, pretending to fix strands of her hair floating in the wind.
“Pirate’s booty at some point. Lovely for the setting. I didn’t know such pieces were available. Your family must have quite a connection.”
His innocent comment struck her like a whack to her middle. The truth, he’d have no reason to know, and she had to get ahold of herself. She glanced back at him, absorbing the heat from his eyes. There was no denying, each time he came close sparks flew deep inside her. This surge of uncontrollable excitement raced over her skin and in turn frightened the bejeebers out of her.
“Nothing of the sort,” she murmured. Again, she was reduced to a dithering fool in his presence, caught up in the sound of his voice and the desire for one taste of his mouth.
Wake up. Wyatt was her client, forbidden fruit, especially considering her need for complete secrecy. He was dangerous, something she must avoid, and yet when she returned his gaze, her trepidation did a tap dance off stage, leaving her avidly aroused.
“Let’s look at the site in front of us. Shall we?” she asked, throwing up a diversion, time needed to recoup her common sense.

YouTube Book Trailer - Ocean of Love, An Adult Fairytale

25% of the Profits from Ocean of Love will be donated to Ric O'Barry's Dolphin Project



Elyzabeth M. Valey, Author of The Golden Cock

Thank you for hosting me at your blog, Susan! I’m thrilled to be here with my recent release a naughty fairy tale. Yes, you read right. Naughty. Fairy. Tale. *Wink*  

Imagine you added some sexy spice and romance to the fairy tales you were told as a kid. You know, Goldilocks, Snow White, Alice in Wonderland, The Golden Goose.  

Do you remember that last tale? Let me refresh your memory… 

Once upon a time, there was a father with three sons. The father sent the first born to fetch some firewood. On his way, the son met an old man begging for some food. Spurning the man, the eldest son had an accident and was forced to return home. The same thing happened to the second son. When the third son encountered the beggar, he accepted to share his meager meal. In exchange for his good deed, the man gave him a golden goose. Every time someone touched the animal, they would stick to the feathers. With a long line of people trailing behind him, the third son was able to make the princess that never smiled laugh.  

Now let’s change that a bit. What if the young man was insecure due to his bullying brothers and was worried about the size of his cock? What if he met a witch and accepted to do her a favor? What if instead of a goose, he received a sizeable cock. Sound interesting? 

That, my friends, is only a touch of what you’ll find in The Golden Cock, my rendition of the fairy tale turned naughty.  Enjoy!


Kind-hearted Vincent Stowe spent years with an inferiority complex until, one day, after accepting to help an older woman with an odd request he receives a life-changing gift.

“Ice Duchess” Brielle is desperate for a solution to her inability to orgasm, so when word about a man with a magical cock reaches her ears, she decides that he just might be what she needs.

Will Vincent’s "Golden Cock" be enough for the "Ice Duchess", or will something else come to play along the way?

Be Warned: multiple partners, MFM, FFM, m/m sex, f/f sex

And more!

I love hearing from readers!  


 “Turn around.” His voice was gruff, his need evident to his ears. Could she hear it too?

His fingers rested for a fraction of a second against the nape of her neck. She froze. Skimming his digits over her shoulders and down her back, the corner of his lips lifted as he heard her exhale heavily. Skillfully, he worked the clasps of her corset and tossed the material on the bed. Wandering back to the mirror, he continued to adjust it. He needed to distance himself from her before succumbing to the temptation she was.

When he looked up again, she had removed her chemise. Pale, perfect skin gleamed under the dancing candle light. Terse breasts with large pink nipples waved hello and a honey-colored thatch called him to come closer and explore. He swallowed dryly. His balls felt heavy and his cock was stiff as a rod. This was going to be much harder than he thought.

“Lie on the bed, lean back on your elbows and keep your legs open.” His voice came out husky and low and he cleared it loudly. Brie nodded and obeyed without a word.

“Can you see your pussy?” he asked, moving the mirror.

She shook her head. “No,” she croaked.

Vincent bit his lip, unsure how to proceed. He needed to prop her up on something so she could gather a better view of her sex. By her words, he had the distinct feeling that Brie was never excited enough when she took men into her chamber. She needed to see how wet and desirable her pussy became when it was really ready to be plundered and she needed to experience her own touch. He swallowed hard as an idea occurred to him.

“Here.” Placing the mirror in a slight angle, he climbed up in bed with her. Spreading his legs around her, he sat so that her back was resting against his chest and her ass was resting between his thighs.

“Open up,” he whispered into her ear. Nodding, she spread her legs. Vincent clenched his fists at his side. He wanted to touch her, to feel that soft skin underneath his fingertips, to taste every inch of that delectable morsel.

“Can you see now?”


He took in a deep breath. Darn, she smelled good. Clean, like lilacs. She wriggled and her hair tickled his nose, the skin of her thigh rubbing against his leg and making his dick throb with unspent desire.

“What do you see?”

“Hair,” she murmured. He felt her swallow and tremble slightly. Oh, how he wanted to wrap himself around her. No, Vincent.

“Use your hands and open yourself wider.”

“What?” She tilted her head to look at him, her expression confused.

Unable to hold back, Vincent brushed his lips over hers. A current of sorts zinged over his lips at the contact.

“Okay,” he said. “Let’s start slower. Caress your thighs, up and down. That’s right.”

He watched carefully as Brie rubbed her fingertips over her skin, coming closer to her quim at every upward stroke. Vincent closed his eyes. The view was the most erotic thing he’d ever experienced. His cock wept, hidden underneath his robe, and pressed to her back. “Gently, pass your hand over your pussy.”

He felt her breath hitch as her mouth fell open in shock. However, she did not deny him but simply followed his command with a dry swallow. His Adam’s apple bobbed as she ran her hand over her damp thatch.

“Do it again,” he whispered. “Only this time, allow your fingers to touch more of that area,” he urged, his own breath coming out in a rasp.

He briefly glanced at his reflection in the mirror. His hair was disheveled, his face flushed. He wanted to buck his hips but he kept steady, giving Brie the opportunity she’d probably been denied all her life: to find her own release. Her hands found her vagina again, but this time she didn’t skim over the curly hairs, but parted them and explored the sticky wetness in between. Had he been standing further away he would have missed it, but pressed behind her, her moan was like a punch to his stomach, feeding the flame of his passion. Vincent closed his eyes, swallowing the groan in his throat and willing himself to relax.

“Again,” he said without opening his eyes.

She repeated the movement, but just as she was about to slide her fingers down to her thighs, he grabbed her hand with his left. Spreading her fingers, he forced her to delve deeper and slide the digits over the fold and curls of her pussy, spreading the wet dew lingering there.

“Vincent,” she whispered his name, her head falling against his shoulder, her body tensing slightly as he led her fingers to caress and touch her vulva repeatedly. Her wet moisture spread from her fingers to his, coating them. He groaned loudly.

“Don’t stop.” Pulling back, he brought his fingertips to his mouth and licked off the sweet honey. Their eyes met briefly in the mirror, desire clashing against desire.

Author Bio:

Defined as weird since she was about eight, Elyzabeth honors the title by making up songs about her chores, doodling stars and flowers on any blank sheet of paper and talking to her dog whenever he feigns interest.

Losing the battle to the voices in her head is her favorite pastime after annoying her younger sister with her singing. Writing stories full of passion and emotion where love conquers all is her happy pill and she’ll forgo sleep to make her readers live the dream. 

My recommendation for the holidays!

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