SMOXY COVER REVEAL. Now, it's time to blow my own horn.

So far, I've been the bridesmaid going to countless weddings. Over the last year trying to learn about marketing, self-promotion, and supporting other writers when suddenly, there's little time before my own release. I hate the idea of spamming other people. Right? Who cares what I've done or how great I say my book is, it's so crass and unbelievable but really what options are there in self-marketing.

So to make the bitter pill sweeter, I'm coating the dollop of my self-proclamation of "Hey, look at me" with some giveaways. Say undercover bling in the form of a Victoria's Secret gift card giveaway.

The first is coming up this Friday. January 25, 2013 online at Facebook. A likely meeting place and it's all about flesh. Really it's a cover reveal for my upcoming release Secret Desire. A novel about a Claire, a journalist who decides safe sucks and is ready to come out of her vanilla prim closet. She writes erotica by night fantasizing about her lost love, Dustin. She left him and her small hometown way back when Fran, her identical twin sister stole the only boy she'd ever loved.

Now, she's all grown up and so is Dustin. They reconnect and boy do the sparks fly. The only problem is Fran comes back too. A triangle is never a good shape for true love. Someone has got to go.

But for now, I'm only ready to reveal the cover. So please join me on Facebook where I'll proudly coming out of my vanilla closet and sharing Secret Desire's SMOXY cover designed by an Etopia Press artist.

Secret Desire by Susan D. Taylor
Published by Etopia Press
Available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, All Romance E-books February 4, 2013.Secret Desire Cover Reveal


  1. Very exciting time!
    Sounds like a great story.

    1. Thank you. I'm spinning out-of-control yet very thankful for this opportunity. %^)

  2. So excited for you. You can rely on me for RT.


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