At long last, tonight-January 6, 2013, Dowton Abbey is back again for season three. How many of us have waited, watching the DVDs purchased from Season 1 and 2 because who can get enough D.A. the first time around? That would be me.

From the cast, the scenery, and, my God could you find the sheer amount of well-written the lines. It was all just too overwhelming to catch on the first spin. So DVD in hand, I watched seasons one and two to keep me spit-spot ready for the return of Downton Abbey.

My favorite lines include:
"Thomas, you never disappoint." Bates to Thomas
"Don't try to justify yourself to me." Violet to Cora
"Stranger things have happened at sea." William to Mary
Violet, the Dowager Countess  ‘I have plenty of friends I don’t like.” 
“Violet to Cora,  “I mean, one way or another, everyone goes down the aisle with half the story hidden.”   
 William to Gwen. "There they go, Guy Fawkes and his assistant. Gwen: Which is which?"
So many more and now with season three even more are on the way. So, if you're like me tonight will be a celebration for the imagination. Tally ho to all who join in the fun.


My recommendation for the holidays!

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