Riva books: Sassy, spirited line. Coming soon to N. America as KISS

Riva books: Riva

MIlls and Boon on Pinterest- New Look

Read about new Riva line at "We Write Romance" Blog.

WHY IS THIS SO EXCITING? Riva is the precursor to the Harlequin's Kiss line set to launch in North America in 2012. Oh, yeah, we're not far off.


YUNA covering Nirvana--Comes as You Are...haunting


Yunalis Zarai (aka Yuna) grew up in Malaysia. As a law school student, she began to write music, and eventually released her first albumin 2008, self-titled in Malaysia. Yuna became a huge success with her single "Deeper Conversations," winning the 2009 AIM award for Best English Song (Malaysia's national music awards).

Yuna reminds me of Sinead O'Connor, a similar sweeping voice, that both haunts and inspires, taking hold of emotions, uplifting and yet evoking a sentimentality that is both sharp and throbbing and hard to shake.
Review By: Susan Taylor


My recommendation for the holidays!

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