Six Sentence Sunday: TRUST FALL

This last week has been more than busy between finishing one manuscript involving a scene I kept putting off, detailing large animal veterinary methods, and instead of giving into brain frizzle, I did what many writers do to keep fresh. I took a writer's break. Between assimilating research and churning out a scene, I went back to my roots of romance. But something changed. Drastically.

This time I didn't stop until I had the makings of a short-piece of a couple thousand words from the idea of what if it were possible to just meet someone and let go. When Jeff Steward asks, "Do you trust me?" Crash landing from a break up, Cerise considers her options.

Six Sentences
“What do I have to go on?” she whispered already knowing he’d bought the farm so what was the point of quibbling, acquiesced by nodding, and bit her lower lip to silence errant second thoughts.
“Get ready,” he whispered before dipping her backwards.
She arched into a variant of a trust fall. His hand traced a smoldering line down her back until he gripped her ass. She moaned. His fingers moved as if in time to the pulsing music, separating her cheeks without stopping, her senses on full alert, unbelieving that he grazed the inside of thighs and caressed her intimately.
Through free form scribbling, I discovered oh this is so much fun and decided, why not. So here's my trust fall into an erotic tale without the romance story set-ups, and a first for me.

My recommendation for the holidays!

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