ETOPIA PRESS November 9th New Releases

New Romance Releases for November 9th
FortheLoveoftheGame_ByRhondaLaurel_133x200.jpgFor the Love of the Game
Rhonda LaurelGenre: Contemporary Romance
Length: Short Novella
Word Count: 19,276
Page Count: 86
Price: 2.99
ISBN: 978-1-939194-16-9
Heat Level: 1
Warnings: None
Editor: Jennifer Fitzpatrick
Cover Artist: Valerie Tibbs
This quarterback is making the greatest play of his life…
Quiet bookstore owner Morgan Reed can’t wait to lie on the beach on her much-needed tropical vacation, but getting tackled by a tall, green-eyed stranger playing touch football isn’t exactly what she had in mind. Neither is falling for said stranger, or going along with the eccentric islander who sends them off with a mock wedding. But all’s fair when it comes to vacation romance, and Morgan has plenty of time to get back to reality when she gets home.
When he slams into the beautiful Morgan on the beach and sends her to the infirmary, superstar quarterback Seth Blake insists on helping her recover—if she agrees to share his bungalow with him. Seth is nothing less than smitten, and the best part is that the beauty has no idea who he is.
But when he finds out that their little “wedding”was the real thing, Seth finds himself in a sticky situation. Especially when Morgan finds out the man she fell for isn’t at all who he made himself out to be…
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SkinDeep_BySarahMakela_133x200.jpgSkin Deep
Sarah MäkeläGenre: Paranormal Romance
Length: Novella
Word Count: 24,821
Page Count: 112
Price: 3.99
ISBN: 978-1-939194-25-1
Heat Level: 3
Warnings: none
Editor: Rachel Firasek
Cover Artist: Valerie Tibbs
Release Date: 11/2
Angelique had no idea her black panther tattoo would force her to abandon the love of her life—Connor Ramsey—but she’s determined to keep him safe no matter how much it hurts. Her tattoo doubles as her feline familiar: loving, protective, dangerous, and with a life of its own. It’s also her deepest secret and draws enemies who desire its power for themselves.
Connor has no idea why Angelique left him, but he’s determined to win her back. As a werewolf, he has secrets of his own. Now his alpha is ready to force him to pair with an ex-girlfriend he can’t stand unless he can find Angelique and claim her as his mate. But even as their secrets threaten to keep them apart, hidden enemies seek to destroy their chance at love forever.
Shelly Scafani
Production Manager
Etopia Press

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