BLOOD, SHE READ by Sara Hubbard

Today we're celebrating Sara's recently released paranormal novel published Etopia Press.

Keeping secrets from a psychic can be murder.


Petra Maras lives a charmed life, but only in the magical sense. Her absentee father is a criminal, her mother is emotionally dead, and everyone at her new school knows she comes from a family of witches. All she wants is to be normal, but that's impossible, given her family. And given that she's psychic. When the police request help with a murder investigation, Petra reluctantly agrees. Which isn't such a good idea since the prime suspect wants to date her, and she really wants to say yes. Her gut says he's innocent, but since she can't get a read on him, she can't know for sure. And when she discovers he's been keeping secrets, she wonders if maybe she's been following her heart instead of her head...

One of the most frequent questions I get asked about this book is: where did you get the idea from? I daydream—a lot. In class, in the bathroom, the bath, in the car, in traffic… I sometimes lose track of conversations because I have characters in my head who are running through scenes, and they often have fangs or fur or wings. It is really quite distracting. The idea for this book just came from a simple scene about a girl hiding upstairs and peeking through the stair rails as a man came to her door and demanded to use her psychic abilities to help him determine if his wife was going to die or not. The idea kind of morphed from there and if you’ve read Blood, She Read you would know that this scene is not even in the book. But I think you could probably see how it developed from this original scene.

Why should you read my book? I don’t know, but I hope you will. I’m sure everyone says their book is different and all that, but I kind of think that it is. 
BLOOD, SHE READ paranormal for sure, but it is also a little quirky and humorous and also a bit dark. If I could compare my writing/book to another authors, I would probably say that if you liked Holly Black’s Tithe or Cyn Balog’s Starstruck then you would probably enjoy this. These are two of my favorite young adult authors so I guess it makes sense that after reading and re-reading their books, my writing might seem a touch similar.

If you end up reading my book, please send me an email or comment on my blog, I’d love to hear your thoughts, and your comments might help me make the sequel even better. Yup. There’s a sequel! I’m about a 1/3 of the way through it and I am hoping (fingers crossed) that it will release next summer.

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Sara Hubbard is the author of young adult books. Her debut novel BLOOD, SHE READ releases fall 2012 and is a NEORWA Cleveland Rocks winner and a RCRW Duel on the Delta finalist. 

Sara was born in Australia to British parents, but has lived in Nova Scotia for the majority of her life. In addition to being an author, Sara is a wife, a mother, and a registered nurse with the military. 







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