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 Well, it's hard to continually blog about a great event without taking up the gauntlet and so for the last four days I've been writing PICTURE PERFECT. So yes to Avon Impulse, yes to Secret Baby, and yes to my NaNoWriMo second entry PICTURE PERFECT. U breath, I write. Sleep...coming soon.

By Susan Taylor 11/10/2012

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THE BABY IS A SECRET! How could he not know? After all, he’s the father of a child…but he doesn’t, because it’s been kept a secret from him—sometimes for years. Now it’s your chance to put your own twist on the ever-popular, ever-perplexing ‘secret baby story. We’re looking for short contemporary novellas, 20-25,000 words that will convince us that a baby really can be kept a secret!
  • 20,000 – 25,000 words
  • Sensuality level: from Moderate to super-sexy
  • Contemporary
  • Must be received by November 15th
Send submissions through our form at www.avonimpulse.com. Please refer to this submission in the “In Reference To” box on the submission form.

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