The Nobel Prize in Literature 2012

The Nobel Prize in Literature 2012
October 11, 2012 Press release by the Nobel Prize committee: "The Nobel Prize in Literature 2012 Mo Yan. The Nobel Prize in Literature for 2012 is awarded to the Chinese writer Mo Yan
'who with hallucinatory realism merges folk tales, history and the contemporary'. "

Mo Yan

Guan Moye, wa Yo Man, work has been compared to the complex world building abilities of William Faulkner and Gabriel García Márquez in his ability to weave fantasy and reality as well as social perspective with history.  Mr. Moye provided a new voice in traditional Chinese literature. He began writing short stories in 1976 gaining notice in the 80's with his writing depicting the turbulent existence for Chinese farmers.  at the same time finding a departure point in old Chinese literature and in oral tradition.

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