Time to get out our red and pink clothing for the Sweetest Day celebration. Aha, what did you say? Never heard of the Sweetest Day. Posh. Not to fear, come closer my pretty.

To get to the first celebration of the Sweetest Day, we'd have to reach back to October 8, 1921. Cleveland, Ohio owned the day proclaiming it to be the Sweetest Day. Who do you think was responsible? Yes, yes. Quite right, candymakers. But this wasn't a Hallmark holiday. Far from it. The candymakers gave away more than 20,000 boxes of candy. Their target audience were generally the poor and I do mean financially. This wasn't meant to be some advertising extravagance, marketing gurus took care of the that with other sweet holidays.

Come 1922 and not to be outdone by Ohio, New York attributed a whole week the the celebration. 

By the 40's the Sweetest Day was moved to October 19 and was a time to give away candy to disadvantaged children.

What can we do today? Why give away candy of course. Maybe anonymously might make it special. Candy, flowers, anything that signals "sweet."

So, Happy Sweetest Day and make it so sweet the tooth fairy will want to participate or cry in shame for being so tempted.

My recommendation for the holidays!

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