Submission Calls

We’re always looking for terrific books of all kinds. But here’s what we’re most interested in for 2012.

Young Adult Fiction

*** Due to overwhelming response, we are currently closed to YA submissions. We will reopen to YA submissions on January 1, 2013.***

Erotic Romance in All Sub-genres

Contemporary, historical, paranormal, menage, BDSM… we’re looking for more good erotic romance for 2012. Traditional plots or something completely different, M/F or M/M, the only requirements are passionate romance and good, hot sex! We’re looking for stories in all lengths, novels to shorts, but we’d really like to see more longer works.
We’re pleased to announce that we’re now offering an advance of $250 – $1000 for erotic romance and romance over 50,000 words.
Address submissions to

M/M Romance

We love our boys. Any subgenre, any heat level. Contemporary boys, paranormal boys, historical boys, suspense boys… it’s all good, as long as it’s all romance and all male. We like both lighthearted stories and darker, grittier tales. For our Romance and Erotic Romance lines, all “boys” must be over 18.
We’re also paying an advance of $250-$1000 for M/M romance over 50,000 words.
Address submissions to:

Historical Romance

From medieval to Regency, Vikings to Scots, we’re looking for more good historical romance to add to our list. We’re looking for both traditional romace as well as erotic romance–all heat levels are welcome as long as the passion sings and the pageantry and romance of yesterday come alive. Please make sure your historical detail is accurate, and that all details are fully researched. Good historicals aren’t easy to write, but they sure are fun to read…
We offer an advance of $100-500 for mainstream historical romance over 50,000 words, and an advance of $250-$1000 for erotic historical romance over 50,000.
Address submissions to:

Romantic Suspense

Do you write your romance splashed with a liberal amount of suspense? Do you think a nice, safe story is just boring without a hefty dose of danger? Do you love keeping your readers guessing who done somebody wrong? We’re looking for your best romantic suspense stories, heavy on conflict and adventure, with tough-guy heroes to die for and feisty heroines who don’t need anyone to save them, thank you very much. If this sounds like your book, we’re dying to read it. We’re looking for novels primarily, but will also consider shorter works. Keep these on the spicy side of mainstream up to super hot erotics.
We offer an advance of $100-500 for mainstream romantic suspense over 50,000 words, and an advance of $250-$1000 for erotic romantic suspense over 50,000 words.
Address Submissions to:


We’re growing a great list and are looking for more traditional and cutting-edge horror, the kind that’s scary, not simply graphic depictions of death. Hauntings, rural backwoods horror, urban noir, the madness that lies within… it’s all good, as long as the mood is dark and there’s plenty of tension to drive the characters to the limit. If it’s a more traditional tale, make sure it hasn’t been done to death (graphic or otherwise). We want character-driven stories that will keep us up into the wee hours…to avoid turning off the light. The best of the shorter works will be selected for a print anthology as well as individual e-book release.
Address submissions to:

Urban Fantasy

There’s more to urban fantasy than werewolves and vampires. What’s lurking out there on the streets that needs a good beating? You tell us. Action/adventure, paranormal beings, magical realism, noir… you name it, there’s room for it. Just keep the tension high and the don’t let the monsters win.
Address submissions to

LGBT Fiction

Short fiction to novel length, LGBT themes or LGBT authors, we’re looking to publish more important literary fiction in this area. We’re selective–we want to give this important literary segment its due. But we’re open to new authors, as long as you have something new and important to share. The best of the shorter works will be compiled into a print and e-book anthology as well as being released individually. Longer works selected for the collection will be issued in e-book and print.
Address submissions to

Novella Length Erotic Romance – Special Themed Anthology Calls

We’re putting together a set of themed anthology calls for 2013 which we’ll be releasing shortly!

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