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Submissions opportunity: one week only…feedback & 6 week response time

To cap off our week of submissions calls, we’re offering a special submissions opportunity for one week only.

Starting today, Friday October 5th, 2012 and ending Thursday at midnight, Eastern, we’re offering anyone who submits using the following subject line: FEEDBACK. Title by author name, genre (I think this should go without saying, but please insert your details in place of the title, author name and genre)

You’ll receive the opportunity to receive a few personal lines of feedback should their manuscript be rejected (if your manuscript is acquired, you’ll be receiving a whole lot of feedback). Additionally, we will respond to these submissions within a 6 week timeframe of receipt–essentially by the US Thanksgiving near the end of November.

To be eligible (one manuscript per author for this opportunity, please!):
1) These must be manuscripts that have never been submitted to Carina Press before. With apologies, I know some who have submitted prior to this will wonder why they’re not included, but we wanted to offer a fun opportunity and we had to set the parameters to make it manageable or we’d be unable to do it at all.
2) You must follow the submissions guidelines and include all of the required parts (including a full manuscript and synopsis as well as all other information requested via our guidelines).
3) Have a thick skin. We’ll offer constructive criticism as nicely as possible, but criticism can still sting.
4) Take an oath not to email us before the 6 weeks asking where your response is, where your feedback is or why you haven’t heard from us yet. And take an even stronger oath not to email us a nasty email telling us how inept we are, if we do reject your manuscript.
5) Use the above provided subject line so we know you’ve made these silent oaths to yourself!

You are welcome to address your submission directly to an editor, based on our editors’ submission call (if you address it to me for my call(s), you’ll need to note that specifically since most submissions come in addressed to me so I won’t know if you actually intend it for me unless you say so). However, you can also address it just to general “Dear Editor” and I’ll make sure it gets to an editor who loves your genre! I also encourage you to check out our calls for New Adult, Contemporary Crack and the holiday submissions as well.

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