Website Crush #1 Downton Abbey

Not a television program or story, a life that we are privy to each week and have held our breath since the end of Season 2. Our dear family will not join us during the Autumn but shall begin anew on January 6, 2013.

Masterpiece Theatre never disappoints and the Downton Abbey website is as rich as is to be expected.

    What is there to love? Oh, but where to start?
1.     Character profiles. Delicious.

2.     Video snippets tantalize.
     3. The world of Downton per season that includes a synopsis, character guides, video interviews, twitter events, behind the scene slide show, and you can vote on characters. Too fun.
       4.    Countdown til season three, maybe gauche but a lesson to learn for those with release parties. Don’t snicker…  your turn is coming.

5.     Style of dress discussion. “The World of Downton Abbey: Styles From Formal Dining to the Front.” 

6.     Insight to world-building aka historical context.  

So, regardless of my infatuation with Downton Abbey, the website is just as grand. Top of the morning to this site.

My recommendation for the holidays!

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