Developing a Marketing Plan Before You Sell Your Manuscript. Repost: Oh No, I Sold My First Book by Karen Sue Burns

Savvy Authors - Oh No, I Sold My First Book by Karen Sue Burns

Do not forget that everything comes back to your available time. Authors are busy people with day jobs, partners, children, parents, friend, pets . . . these are all things that suck time away from writing and then promoting. And they are all things that are a huge part of your non-writing life. Organization and planning ahead will work for you in conquering the writing part of your life.

There are other things I wish I had looked into or completed prior to my release day:

· Seriously thought about the target audience for my book
· Researched how to use Goodreads in general and as an author
· Set up an account on Pinterest and posted travel photo's and my favorite recipe
· Talked to published authors I know as to what promotion efforts have worked for them
· Developed a good list of review sites where I could send my book for an objective review
· Developed a good list of blogs that are receptive to guest blogs from romance authors
· Analyzed the usefulness of LinkedIn, Triberr, Squidoo, etc for promotion
· Researched how to do ads, contests, and sweepstakes to attract readers
· Looked into author newsletters and how to compile a mailing list of readers
· Prepared a list of blog topics for guest blogs as well as my own blog
· Researched blog tours and blog hops, what would work best for me?
· Created a template for a press release for my local newspaper
· Made a list of everyone I know who might have a media contact
· Researched vendors for print media — bookmarks, trading cards, postcards, giveaways, etc. — and don't forget about business cards
· Set up Google Alerts on my website
· Made a commitment to myself to post a blog on my website at least weekly
· Developed a list of organizations where I could promo my book or that might have a tie in to the novel itself (example: Yorkshire Terrier plays a key role in the plot, contact the local Yorkie Kennel Club, dog food suppliers, pet stores)
· Compiled a list of local groups for speaking, i.e. talking about writing or about travel
· Kept notes of good promo ideas from the many writing loops I read daily
· Made a list of vendors who could help me with any of the above

Isn't hindsight wonderful?

Let's be honest, no way can an author do ALL of the above. You must determine what you are comfortable with, what works with your goals, and what you have time for so that writing your next great novel isn't compromised. It's much easier to figure out your comfort level before your first release day than after. Planning is your friend!

Last thought: Document your plan for promotion and make a list of five concrete actions you will take. Determine the amount of $$, if any, you are willing to devote to the effort. Allow yourself the luxury of being flexible with your plan — it's dynamic, not static. Permit your innate creativity to color all that you do with promotion and marketing.

If you remain focused, your train will come.

My recommendation for the holidays!

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