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The Dragon Legacy by Jane Hunt

Guest Post by Jane Hunt
Author of The Dragon Legacy

Jasmine and Zane - The Dragon Legacy's Next Adventure...

A new year a new beginning so I've ignored the three stories I am currently writing and jumped straight into planning and writing book two of The Dragon Legacy.
 The Dragon Legacy's Jasmine and Zane rivalled Lukas and Fleur for the lead characters roles. Indeed the main criticism of an early version of The Dragon Legacy was too many dominant characters. Every romance writer knows 'the emotional focus must be entirely on the hero and heroine and sub plots kept to a minimum so as not to distract from the prime romance and story'.  In my ruthless editor guise Jasmine and Zane's roles became supportive. Despite this most reviewers mentioned them and hoped I would write their story too.
Here are my initial thoughts on Jasmine and Zane's adventure...

'One year on from the apocalyptic battle in the English Lake District. Jasmine's lost her vibrancy. Gone is the gregarious extrovert. In her place a reclusive introspective woman. Grace the guardian witch is worried. She suggests a break in Italy's northern lakes where Jasmine's father's family still live. Jasmine refuses. Solitary travelling overwhelms her, preferring the familiarity of her home and garden where she can relive her memories of Zane.

Zane features in her dreams that night walking through the narrow Venetian streets he doesn't speak but she senses his awareness. Zane appears lost. Every direction barred to him. Frustrated he shifts into the silver wolf and runs towards the water. Jasmine screams. He hesitates, stares at her with solemn silver eyes then leaps into deep water. Grief stricken Jasmine leans over the edge but can't see him. Her foot slips and she tumbles towards the dark waters and awakens

Convinced Zane needs her she surprises Grace the next morning by agreeing to the vacation. Venice after all is only a couple of hours from Lake Garda where her Aunt and cousins live. When pressed she tells Grace about the dream and rushes off to plan her travel itinerary. Happy to see glimpses of her vibrant daughter Grace foolishly ignores her psychic insight which insists Jasmine is walking into a maze of treachery and menace...

Passion, desolation and peril all await Jasmine in Italy. Warlocks, wolves and of course an evil antagonist even deadlier than Xavier...

'When emotionally fragile Fleur Curwen decides she wants excitement in
her boring life she signs up for a Murder Mystery Weekend in the wilds
of the English Lake District. She enters a paranormal world where
danger and death are common occurrences.

Demon slayer Lukas Draco is a loner. He lives by two simple rules: No
emotional entanglements and duty must remain his first priority. His
beliefs are challenged when he's inexplicably drawn to Fleur, a human
woman with an unusual psychic aura. Sparks of sexual attraction ignite
threatening both his search for the dragon's egg he buried a thousand
years ago and Fleur's life. Under the cover of a murder mystery weekend
an apocalyptic hunt begins.

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Jane Hunt, Author

As a child I had a complete stable of make believe horses and my imagination remains as vivid. Now it creates characters and scenarios which provide the inspiration for my stories. 

I am so excited to finally have career as a writer. My love affair with the written word started as a teenager. I secretly dreamed of writing the romantic novels I loved to read. Life had other plans for me. Marriage at twenty-one whilst still at university launched me into a career in health service management. I often thought about writing in my spare time but my career and two wonderful children kept me occupied 24/7.  Illness forced an abrupt end to my career. Always the optimist I seized the opportunity to write full time in 2012. 

The Dragon Legacy is my first published novel and I am excited to be sharing it with a wider audience.
When I'm not writing I enjoy reading, book reviewing, social media and walking in the countryside. Passionate about animal welfare.
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  1. So excited to be writing book two.Thanks for having me here. Susan :-)